Part Two – Will This Break or Not Break My Fast: DEEP DIVE

In part one, we covered the benefits of lowering insulin, fat burning and autophagy.

Part two will cover a list of food and drinks people can or cannot have while fasting and their effects on insulin, ketones and actual weight loss. (Start the video at the 6:50 minute point)

Here is a list of food and drinks and we are looking at insulin, ketones and actual weight loss.

Coffee.                        Coffee is going to have an insignificant effect on insulin. There is hardly any carbs, protein or calories. It will have a zero effect on ketones, weight loss or weight gain. If you consume a tremendous amount of coffee with all the caffeine it could increase cortisol and activate insulin.  Stress can make you fat because stress mobilizes your own protein, which then will be converted into sugar, which then could raise insulin too.

Tea.     Tea has a zero effect on insulin, on ketones, or on weight loss, much less in caffeine. The true definition of a water fast is just drinking water nothing else, none of the items on the list. But you can have some of the items on the list because they have a basically insignificant because of the effect on insulin, on ketones and is it going to stop your weight loss.

Gum.   Gum, it depends on what kind of gum you are chewing. If you use a sugar-free gum it’s going to have a very small effect on insulin, ketones and weight loss unless it has aspartame or NutraSweet. The problem with those is that it affects your microbes in a way that can lead to insulin resistance.

People who consume aspartame chronically nearly always have a weight problem, because it affects our gut, which can lead to insulin resistance, which can increase insulin if it is chewed chronically. If the gum is sweetened with xylitol, even though xylitol is a sugar alcohol, it has a low glycemic index (30), and it has an insignificant effect of insulin ketones and weight loss. But if you are chewing regular gum with sugar that is a problem because there is a lot of sugar in gum.

To learn more see, Using Monk Fruit, Stevia, Erythritol & Xylito

Vitamins.        Vitamins have near zero effect on insulin ketones and weight loss either up or down. Vitamins are recommended when you are fasting because you may be deficient and you want to avoid any possible problem with having some deficiency and then fasting and then ending up feeling faint or dizzy or whatever because you didn’t have that reserve.

Green powder.           Green powder, there is green powder with the fiber or green powder without the fiber as in wheatgrass juice powder. Both of those products will create insignificant effect on insulin ketones and weight loss. One scoop of the wheatgrass juice powder is less than one carbohydrate so you do not have to worry about it.

Bone broth.    It depends how much bone broth you are consuming. Bone broth has protein in it and that protein can increase insulin but it all depends on the quantity. Remember carbohydrates, protein and calories increase insulin, which can then lower ketones. As far as weight loss it depends on the quantity that you consume and how much insulin is being spiked.

Collagen.         Collagen has a bit more protein. Depending on how much you are consuming it will increase insulin so it is not a good thing to consume when you are fasting.  In fact both bone broth and collagen are not a good thing to consume when you are fasting because they are going to lower ketones. Depending on how much you consume it may or may not affect your weight loss.

BCCA.  BCCA, branched chain amino acids do not have all the essential amino acids, only three. When you consume only three you cannot build proteins. (Dr. Berg discusses this fully in the video.)

Sugar alcohols Summary: 

  • Erythritol has a zero effect on the glycemic index and will not affect insulin or ketones or weightloss, however, some people have a lot of digestive issues with it and sometimes they will retain water so they may gain weight on it but it is water weight. 
  • Xylitol is 30 on the glycemic index, if you are consuming a very small amount, it will have a very small effect on insulin and ketosis however it does have an effect. So it depends on your goals and how slow your metabolism is and what you are trying to achieve. 
  • Maltitol is a type of sugar alcohol that is the absolute worst it is over 50, stay away from it.
  • There are other sweeteners like corn fiber and inulin. Some people have a lot of digestive issues with those so it may not trigger insulin or affect ketones but it you can have some water retention.
  • Stevia or a monk fruit have a zero effect on insulin and ketosis in weight loss.

To learn more about sugar alcohols, please see Ketosis and Sugar Alcohol Sweeteners

Fiber.  Fiber has a zero effect on insulin and ketosis. This is the fiber from vegetable, not bran, which is loaded phytic acid that could block your zinc, iron and other minerals. If you are taking just straight fiber as inulin or like in chicory root or corn fiber, which could be GMO, you might gain water weight on this but this is not actual fat its water retention.

Half and half. Half and half is okay especially if it is grass-fed or organic. Cream is preferred over half and a half because half and a half has a little more carbs but if you are only doing a small amount it is going to create just the insignificant effect on insulin and ketones maybe bump you out of ketosis possibly for 20 minutes.

Butter or coconut oil. Butter or coconut oil have a zero effect on insulin and they can increase your ketones but you may not lose any weight because your body is using dietary fat instead of your own fat as fuel. You could overdo it with the fat so if you are no losing weight, cut back on the fat. Aim for about 75 grams of fat per day.

Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has a zero effect on insulin, ketones or weight loss, however it can help insulin resistance. It can improve your blood sugar, it could help you eventually get into a deeper ketosis and help with weight loss but when you drink it is not giving you ketones right away. (Take capsules or 1 tablespoon in 8 ounces of water.)

Lemon juice. Lemon juice, there is a small amount of carbs in lemon juice. It depends on how much you consume. Normally people are consuming a tablespoon or two, which is insignificant.  If you have a whole cup you might have seven grams of carb which may bump you out of ketosis for an hour or two – insignificant.

Please refer back to this blog when you are wondering what will break your fast.

In part one, we covered the benefits of lowering insulin, fat burning and autophagy.  To review it see Part One: Will This Break or Not Break My Fast: DEEP DIVE

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, Things That Break Your Fast: Deep Dive

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