Part Two – The 16 Biggest Keto Mistakes: DO NOT MAKE THEM!

Mistake #1: Not reading ingredients

Mistake #2: Not looking at the serving size

Mistake #3: Judging success by weight loss alone

Mistake #4: Comparing your results with others’

Mistake #5: Not having enough sea salt

Mistake #6: Having a cheat day

Mistake #7: Having too much or not enough fat

Mistake #8: Having too much protein

Mistake #9: Not doing intermittent fasting with keto

Mistake #10: Basing ketosis on urine strips

Mistake #11: Giving up when it’s working

Mistake #12: Changing something when it’s working

Mistake #13: Eating when you are not hungry

Mistake #14: Estimation of effort and time is incorrect

Mistake #15: Hunger vs. time to eat

Mistake #16: Consuming small amounts of carbs

Part Two: The 16 Biggest Mistakes People Make On Healthy Keto. Take A Look.

In part one we discussed the first eight mistakes. In part two we will discuss the rest of the 15 biggest mistakes.

8. Having too much protein

Too much protein can increase insulin and that can slow weight lose.  Protein is the big variable depending on your size, your metabolism, your age, if you are male, female, you are working out.

Keep the protein moderate.  That could be between three to six to seven to eight ounces per meal of protein. A general guideline is if you are female consume the protein the size of the palm of your hand, if you are a male consume double the protein the size of your palm.

To learn more please read How Much Protein Is Too Much Protein In The Ketogenic Diet?

9. Not doing intermittent fasting with keto

You are not going to be able to achieve your weight loss goal without intermittent fasting.

10. Basing ketosis on urine strips

Urine ketone strips good initially but as your body starts to burn more ketones so you are not going to see them in the urine.  The blood ketones are a much better way to test your ketones but you really do not need either test. The way that you know that the Ketogenic diet is working is if your hunger goes away, if your cravings go away and you see other benefits such as energy, cognitive, weight loss, mood elevation. Those are the true indicators that it’s working.

11. Giving up when it’s working

You are expecting certain results they do not happen but it was working.  For example, some people lose the initial water weight and then they plateau and then they might not lose weight for a while or they might lose one pound a week. They do not realize that the most a person could lose if they are healthy is two pounds.  It is normal for an average amount that a person will lose is one pound.  If they are expecting to lose five pounds, that is not realistic.  A good result is that you lose one pound per week. 

Some people may have to get healthy first and then their stomach starts shrinking, their clothes are looser. Why, because they are growing more muscle tissue and if we compare the weight per volume of muscle to fat, muscle is heavier than fat. So they might not lose weight because they are growing muscle. They are healing because of the increased growth hormone but they are shrinking because the fat cells are getting smaller.

12. Changing something when it’s working

Do not change it if it is working. When you evaluate someone you are comparing what he or she did before to what they did now. You are looking for any changes that occur and that can give you important information to know if you should change something, revert back to something or strengthen something. If you found by adding intermittent fasting to your keto plan doubled your results then you would keep that going. If you found that your results stopped as soon as you started adding keto treats then you need to omit those things.

13. Eating when you are not hungry

When you are not eating your body is eating its own fat. Many people are in the habit of eating according to routine or they are with people who are eating. Pay attention to if you are truly hungry.

For example, in the morning especially eight o’clock you have this spike of cortisol and you may find that your hunger goes up but you should not eat because your energy did not drop. You feel okay. You may feel this wave of hunger or your stomach starts growling that should go away.

Learn to differentiate between true hunger where you need to eat and your body going through these hormonal cycles where it triggers hunger. The way to differentiate that is if you have a hunger and you ignore it and it goes away then you know are not truly hungry. But if you try to ignore it and it persists that means you need to eat. If you feel weak that means you need to eat.

14. Estimation of effort and time is incorrect

If a person who is 30 to 40 years old and has eaten poorly all their life – they have severe insulin resistance.  Some people when they start the Ketogenic diet, they under estimate how long it will take to reverse insulin resistance. It is not to turn it around in 1 to 2 weeks. If you go into with an unrealistic expectation, you are going to be frustrated. If your estimation is a lot longer, you set yourself up for success because you are going to stick with it a lot longer.

For some people who have diabetes it takes a year or two years to reverse insulin resistance. The bottom line is you are you are going to see improvements.

15. Hunger vs. time to eat (if you are experiencing light-headedness or dizziness, it’s time to eat!)

There is a difference between hunger and your time for eating. The best indicator of hunger is if you are feeling fatigued or you are feeling dizzy or light-headed or weak, then you need to eat.

16. Consuming small amounts of carbs that block fat burning

All it takes is a very tiny bit of carbohydrate to block your weight loss for a longer period of time.

For example, you consumed a piece of bread or a half a glass of wine. Realize that that can block fat burning for 24 to 48 hours. If you are doing this program and you are not a 100%, you are sort of doing it and every other day you are doing carbs and you are not seeing results then you know why now especially if you went hog wild drinking all this alcohol let’s say on Friday night.  Chances are you are not going to be back in to ketosis until Monday or even Tuesday.

Which of these keto mistakes are you making?

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, The 16 Biggest Keto Mistakes: DON’T MAKE THEM!

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