Part Two – Will Adrenal Fatigue Cause Weight Gain? How does this actually work?

High sugar stimulates insulin and insulin will do two things. Insulin is a fat making hormone but it also prevents the burning of fat. If you are in a chronic stress state, your body is not going to be able to get you into ketosis because of high cortisol and the high sugar and the high insulin so it is going to be really hard for you to get in the state of fat-burning if you have high cortisol.

A lot of the cortisol receptors are in the midsection. So that is where you are going to gain the weight as the kind of a protective mechanism to feed organs during stress states and because the vitamin D is low your cortisol can be even higher because vitamin D helps to regulate cortisol; it helps to keep cortisol in check. This and this is why a low vitamin D state can also cause you to gain weight because the cortisol all goes up.

Also your potassium is going to be lowered and you are not going to be able to regulate that insulin resistance. When you take insulin you make insulin more sensitive and it can actually help to prevent it from getting out of control so when you have high cortisol there is always a low potassium, low vitamin D, high sodium situation.

Now that you have all the different pieces to this puzzle, which I think is very important starting out with increasing your awareness of what is going on. 

Stress.  Now the question is what is the stress that is triggering the whole thing. You have to look into your life and find out what stress that is even if there is a tumour somewhere, what could trigger the tumour.

Now that you are aware of everything now the question is identifying the trigger what is causing this high level of cortisol, it is usually going to be something related to stress and you have to kind of scan your environment find out where it is coming from and do what you can to improve it as much as possible.

Healthy keto is going to lower your stress because ketones are a more efficient fuel they will increase oxygen; there is less waste they are a low stress fuel. Glucose is very stressful and it creates the blood sugar swings and it can really wear you out.

Intermittent fasting increases your cells tolerance to so it actually makes your cells tough.

Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting are very important.

Vitamin D. Taking vitamin D can actually help lower cortisol. Take at least 20,000 IUs and take it with vitamin k2.

Vitamin C. A lot of the vitamin C in your body is stored in your adrenal glands so you need vitamin C to support the adrenal. This can come from sauerkraut, which is a good source of vitamin C. You can also get it from leafy greens.

Potassium. You can get potassium from leafy greens as well as avocados because potassium can help make insulin work better and help minimize the insulin spike.

Vitamin B1 is very important.

The answer to the question will adrenal fatigue cause weight gain?  The answer is it depends on your diet how long the stress is been there. Have you fixed the stress and use other factors like nutrients and fasting.

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This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, Will Adrenal Fatigue Cause Weight Gain?

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