Part Two – What to Eat for Your Body Type? This Week Liver and Thyroid Body Types.

Dr. Berg discusses what to eat according to your body type to get healthy and lose weight. Eating certain foods for your particular body type can trigger your body into burning unnecessary body fat.

If you are pretty sure that what body type you have you can go right to that eating plan and you are going to customize what meals that you want based on your body type.

Last week we discussed the Adrenal and Ovary Body Types. In case you missed it, here is the blog post.

This week will discuss the Liver and Thyroid Body Types.

But if you are a mixed body type or you feel like you are all the body types then the best thing to do is start out with the adrenal body type. Why, because about 80% of the people are the adrenal body type.  Start with the adrenal and then if you do not seem to feel as good or are you not losing as much weight go right to the liver.

LIVER  – The liver body types needs lower protein probably three ounces per meal. Why? Because the worse off the liver, the less you can digest protein. The liver is the organ that helps to metabolize the protein.

If you give someone with a bad liver a lot of protein they are going to have a lot of digestive issues. It is going to be very hard on the liver.

In fact what destroys the liver is large quantities of cooked meat or cook fat or deep fried fat so that is why you do not go low fat and low protein.  When people get older they cannot digest as much red meat or other proteins because the liver is getting bad.

One indication that of an unhealthy liver that you do not digest red meat and you do not tolerate fat but they really crave fat. They can have some but you have to add what is called some bile salts.  It works if you bloat, burp, or belch.  The liver body type usually has discomfort on the right side because of livers on the right side. The more fat that you consume the more you are going to have right shoulder pain or bloating or even headaches. Most headaches are liver or gallbladder problems.

Cruciferous is very important to consume these vegetables because cruciferous not only have the most nutrition but they have what is called phytonutrients. Those are the plant-based chemicals that have unique properties that are fight against many other diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration, prostate problems, breast cancer and other diseases.

The drug companies actually have done massive research to try to isolate those chemicals within the food that we eat and then they can patent those things.

For example, kale has over 600 carotenoids. What is the carotenoid? It is a phytonutrient that has all the different colored pigments; dark green, dark purple dark, red, orange, yellow. These are phytonutrients and you can call them antioxidants but phytonutrients are really the true name and they have a lot of great properties to protect you and keep you healthy.

The reason why you need those factors is that the liver is 3 and 1/2 pounds so it needs something raw or in that shake to be able to clean and heal the liver. The liver it loves bitter vegetables and that is why the cruciferous work very well. You want to consume those vegetables in large quantities 7 to 10 cups a day to actually heal the liver.  

There is some good news and bad news the good news about the liver. The good news is it is the one of the only organs that can completely regenerate 100%. The bad news it takes 3 years of healthy eating to achieve a brand new liver.

Eating for the liver body type will help your skin and your face. It has a lot of vitamin A, which is how it helps the skin. If you have a little bile salts you will absorb more of the vitamin A. You skin is going to be better. If you have dry skin and you are taking all this kale you stew up dry skin you are just lacking the bile to absorb that fat soluble vitamin. Liver cases do not do well on peanut butter and nuts and that is that seems to aggravate it so they get bloating or right shoulder pain, if you have that, cut those down.

TYROID – The thyroid body type is weight gain all over. They have a very slow metabolism and they do not do well with high quantities of protein. Go low protein, 3 ounces, and low-fat because they cannot digest fat and no cruciferous because sometimes cruciferous can deplete the iodine.  You can do cruciferous as long as you add iodine or add some sea kelp (seaweed) in your salad or something. 

These are general rules of thumb for these body types, it is not written in stone. For example, you do one of these diets and you start getting bloating. There are two reasons for bloating. 1. You have a gallbladder problem and you need bile salt if you have burping, belching, bloating or it could be those nuts that you are consuming or peanut butter, then you need more bath salts or cut down the nuts and seeds because the fats not being digested or it could be the cruciferous vegetables. Why? Because many people especially people with digestive problems and adrenal issues cannot digest those heavy fibers from the broccoli and they have stomach pain and bloating. If you have that you have to cut those out right now. It is really a lack of a certain enzyme, which is means it is lacking a certain bacteria that you do not have in your gut because the adrenal is destroyed it. You can slowly build it up but for right now just avoid it.

If you get tired on any one of these programs you need more protein so start increasing the protein some people leave more than others you cannot put everyone on the same diet so just keep increasing it until your fatigue goes away.

If you have cravings for sweets that means is you did not consume enough vegetables, so focus on eating at least 7 to 10 cups of vegetables. It is not hard to do if you do a kale shake and a couple salads.

It is the most important thing because that is how we are going to heal your body. If you are low on potassium because you are not having the any vegetable you are going to keep craving carbs. Your carb cravings should go away within a couple days by consuming enough greens.

Lastly the right shoulder pain, that is the liver issue that means that you are consuming too many nuts or peanut butter or something like that because when people start doing this program a lot of times they start loading up with nuts and they feel really bloated and have right shoulder pain.

That will give you some guidelines. Review the body types and decide which one to fits your needs.

You may find this video as well, What plan is best for your body type?

There is a fifth body type, the PANCREAS body type. Learn more about in this post, Dr. Berg Talks About The 5th Body Type.

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, What to Eat for Your Body Type?

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