Happy New Year! Here are the Top 10 Posts for 2020.

The Top 10 Posts of 2020 are ranked by the number of times you liked a Post.

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Happy Holidays for 2020

I would like to take a moment to thank each of you for your views, likes, shares and comments. Your participation in liking posts and the insight you share in your comments means a lot to me.
In my Blog, Facebook and email Posts my goal is to maximize my physical performance and mental clarity, body composition, and most importantly my overall health with a wholesome diet and exercise.
Please join me as I continue to explore the latest and compelling studies on Ketogenic and GAPS diets and the Super Slow High-Intensity Exercise Program.
Thank you for being a part of my journey to better health.
We have had a very challenging year this year. My most sincere wishes for a Happy Holiday and a healthy, safe and blessed 2021.
May you Live Long Healthy.
Yours truly,
Lydia Polstra

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How Do You Convince Your Friends And Family To Do Keto And Intermittent Fasting?

It feels hopeless, you show someone the research and amazing results of keto, and they still do not give it a chance. 

Why wont they to give it a try? Well, perhaps in their mind, they are healthy!

Do not upset them by telling them that they have a problem – this just doesn’t work.

You can only help people if they can think they have a problem. Then you can gently guide them in the right direction slowly over time.

Find out if the person has a problem that they want to solve first. Then, you can introduce Keto.

Never explain the diet. Instead, explain why it works. If they are interested, send them Dr. Berg’s videos. Let them discover Healthy Keto at their own pace. 

Reasons why people do not try Keto is:

1. They do not have a weight problem. Weight is not the only issue. Health is the primary focus of Keto.

2. They have heard some bad things about ketosis. 

3. They do not know Keto and its benefits. 

Help them to Understand Ketosis?

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Inflammation. What are the Causes?

What Is Really At The Core Of Your Inflammation?

1. Stress:       Cortisol is a very powerful anti-inflammatory adrenal hormone.

When your body runs out of cortisol, perhaps because you have adrenal stress, or you are burned out, you start developing all sorts of inflammatory conditions. You can even develop an auto-immune condition. If you have high levels of cortisol from stress, the receptors on your cells become resistant to cortisol, leading to cortisol resistance. Effectively you have both high and low levels of cortisol at once.

2. Insulin.      Insulin is also an anti-inflammatory hormone. When your insulin level goes high because you are eating too much sugar, you develop something called insulin resistance. There is too much insulin, so your body protects itself by decreasing the number of the insulin receptors on your cells, your body becomes resistant to the insulin, and you develop inflammation.

Insulin is the only hormone that lowers blood sugar. Many people have high blood sugar and inflammation because their insulin can no longer work, or because their pancreas is burned out.

3. Sugar.        Consuming sugar (glucose) causes inflammation because glucose by itself is highly inflammatory. Stiffness, inflammation and pain can be the result of you consuming a lot of carbs and eating frequently.

4. Body fat.    Excess fat on your body produces substances that can cause insulin resistance.

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These Cravings Are Driving Me Crazy!

There are three reasons why cravings are driving you to eat.

1.         Insulin resistance: 

Consuming a high carb diet raises insulin and keeps your blood sugars low, so you keep craving carbs. In this situation, you will eventually develop insulin resistance. Your cells will be hungry and craving carbs all day long.

2.         Low Fats:

Fats are necessary to allow you to be satisfied, especially when you’re doing intermittent fasting.

3.         Low micronutrients:

Micronutrients are incredibly important, especially when it comes to getting rid of cravings and hunger.

What Do I Eat To Feel Satisfied?

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