Did Ketosis Stop Working? Here’s Why!

First are you doing the following Healthy Keto recommendations?

  1. Are you doing the Healthy Keto correctly?
  2. Are you doing Intermittent Fasting with keto?
  3. Are you sleeping enough to get rested?
  4. Are you under chronic stress? Try to lower your stress.
  5. Do you have another health problem? Thyroid? Constipated? Inflammatory condition? These need to be handled.
  6. Are you on medication? Find an alternative with the help of your doctor.
  7. Are you gaining muscle? This means you are toning you body but not loosing weight. But your body may not be shrinking if are exercising and you measure every week.

It is important to have correct idea of what it is going to take for an individual to loose weight. Some people have a real tough time, other people do not. For example, your spouse can probably lose weight really fast. Or a family member does the exact same that you are doing they lose you do not.   It is frustrating.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine what is going on inside of the body, especially testing insulin resistance and other types of cellular dysfunctions because it is very expensive to test that and you have to do a whole series of test and even then a lot of times will not show up. 

The point is that if you had chronic resistance your entire life, meaning you have a chronic insulin resistance problem your entire life or 10 or 15 or 30 years you are up against a huge severe problem that is going to take a lot of effort to get through that.

If you are following the Healthy Keto recommendations and you are not seeing it come off easily you may be up against a bigger problem that is inside your body.  You will have to raise the level of effort to match the problem.

What can you do to take it to the next level?

  1. Carbs.            Instead of the 20 to 50 grams, go down to 10 grams or less each day. The slower, the metabolism, the lower the carbs.
  • Vegetables.  Eat 7 to 10 cups of vegetables each day. Dr. Berg said not factor vegetables into your total carbs but if you are not loosing you may have to factor them in. Check out the carbs in blackberries and nuts in the video link below.
  • Intermittent fasting.    If you are consuming lots of coffee or tea and you are adding half and half or cream that could be the thing that keeps you out of full factory fat-burning mode.  You may also need to cut out the bulletproof coffee with the MCT oil or the fat or the coconut oil. 
  •  Amount of fats you consume.         The goal is to have your body run on your own fat not as much the dietary fat. If you consume fat, you will burn the dietary fat and it will be eliminated as ketones. You will test positive for ketones but those are coming from the diet not your own fat in some cases. You may need to cut down the amount of fat to the point where your body burns its own fat.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.          You need to enhance to diet with electrolytes like more potassium, the B vitamins as in nutritional yeast, trace minerals as sea kelp and the fat-soluble vitamins. Cod liver oil will give you vitamin D and vitamin A. Have a small amount of organ meats, like liverwurst, that way you will get pretty much all of the fat soluble vitamins in a very small amount. Just make sure it is grass fed.
  • Type of carbs.           If you were doing even 10 or 20 g of carbs per day, and the quality of carb is juice or bread, not vegetable that could be a big problem because even know your carbs are at a certain amount that refined carbohydrate will greatly spike the blood sugars because you are dealing with not just a carbs if you are dealing with these what the carbs do to your blood sugars. Consider celery or vegetables versus juice or an apple definitely makes a big difference.
  • Alcohol.          Some people will say they are doing zero carb alcohol. Unfortunately, what it does for destruction of the liver cells, raising liver enzymes, knocking you out of ketosis despite not being a carb it is a solvent.  It is a chemical and it can definitely create some serious problems with your liver and sent you back.  For example this guy was not getting into ketosis. His food was not the issue. He stated that he had been alcohol free for five days but before that he had 10 days of drinking solid before that. On the days he was drinking is up to 12+ glasses of alcohol every single day. Now, think about what your body hast to do to make a ketone. The fat has to be burned and it is burn and it is converted to ketone through your liver. If you are damaging the liver for 10 days in a row, it could take you up to a month or more to heal your liver.  He was wondering why it is not working.  Now you know that alcohol is not friendly for keto.
  • Fructose.        For example, agave nectar is 98% fructose. There is fructose in fruit.  Fructose even though it does not increase the blood sugar, it creates a major insulin resistance, and a fatty liver which will decrease your capacity to make ketones.  
  • Intermittent fasting.    If you have a certain time of the day that you eat 1 o’clock and then 5 o’clock – it is very consistent. You may want to vary the times. In the caveman days they did not eat that consistently as far as the time, so if we mimic that it will actually really help you. Never eat at the same time, push it an hour forward or an hour back so you always vary it.

I hope this post helps you to spot an area that maybe you need to tweak and get better results.

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, Did Ketosis Stop Working? Here’s Why!

Dr. Berg is a chiropractor, who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting, is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University.

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