The Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes.

1. Thinking it is not working when it is.

Many times the person is being successful burning fat but not weight loss because the muscle is increasing, which is heavier as you are losing fat.

The goal is to burn more fat, to increase body fat percentage. Focus more on fat burning than your weight loss. It is working so the last thing you want to do is give up or change something when it is really working.

Focus on the size the clothes how the clothes are fitting. Measure your waist rather than using a scale. 

2. Using the calorie model.

Certain calories affect weight differently. Look at the type of food you are eating rather than the calories. 

For example, you have calories from protein like chicken or fish and you have calories from fruit. Fruit will block fat burning especially if your metabolism is lower. Sugar will do the same. It is the hidden sugars. Look at the type of food not necessarily the calorie. That is a huge mistake especially with hidden sugars like fruit, yogurt and the grains and the pastas and the cereal and all that, starches. The big one is the fruit. People do not realize that will stop fat burning especially apples.

3. Eating too many nuts.

The problem with nuts or pistachios is it is very hard to eat just a little bit at night. Next thing you know you are eating the whole bag.  When you eat too many nuts what it does is it interferes with the gallbladder, the liver and that creates bloating and that creates right shoulder pain so many people have that problem. They are eating too many nuts. The problem with nuts is although they may be low in calories and they have some protein but there is about a bit of fat in there. You can overdo it.  Being in the state of ketosis is fat burning. You can measure it through the urine if you are in ketosis that means you are burning fat. The ketosis diet is about eating more fat.

The problem is if you are older and your metabolism is low you may be burning fat but the fat that you are burning is those nuts and not your own fat.  You can overdo it with too many nuts and too much fat.

4. Everything in moderation. Most people never burn fat because they do not starve themselves of enough sugar. You need to have zero sugar. What you can have a lot of are vegetables.

The purpose of fat is to protect you against the starvation of sugar. Fat is a backup fuel in case you run out of sugar. That means that most people do not burn in the fat because they never starve themselves of sugar. They go on a low-carb diet, which might not be enough starvation of sugar. When you read labels always look at the sugar grams. Those must be zero. If your metabolism is slow you can not do moderation of sugars. You have to do zero sugars to get into fat burning. Why? Because just a little bit of the wrong thing juice or candy or sugar can bump you at a fat burning for 24 to 48 you leave sometimes 72 hours.

If you drink glass of wine on Monday and then Wednesday and then Saturday you just blew the whole week.  You are not going to lose anyway because that a little bit of the wrong thing can bump you out of fat-burning.

The theory about everything in moderation is not workable if your metabolism is slow. Also, there are certain things we do not want to go in moderation we want to go very high. That would be vegetables. An average body needs between 7 to 10 cups of salad or vegetable every single day.  Why? Because that will provide for the at least the minimum amount of nutrients especially potassium, magnesium and a lot of the other electrolytes you need those foods to get that nutrition. If you are doing a little side salad of 1 cup it is just not enough to get the nutrition. Do not want to go moderate with your vegetables you want to go a lot unless you are bloating.  You want to go very high with vegetables, moderate with protein and no sugar.

5. Focusing only on the weight, not the health. Weight is a symptom. What is deeper are a lot of health problems. Focus on improving your health rather than focusing on the weight. 

The deeper issues may be sleep problems. If you are not sleeping you are not going to lose weight so you want to fix the sleeping. Another issue may be that you have digestive problems like you are constipated and you are bloating well that is what you need to fix because if you are eating a lot of vegetables and you are just bloated that could be the reason why you are not losing weight. Look for instead of the weight, look for sleeping, digestion, inflammation, your menstrual cycle, hot flashes that would be hormones. Look for your energy level, your mood, your stress tolerance. Those are the factors that go beyond weight that will really make you successful with weight loss if you focus on them versus just the weight and calories.

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, The top 5 weight loss mistakes everyone makes.

Dr. Berg is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University.

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