Why Do Some People Have A Bad Diet and Still Live a Long Life?

My grandfather ate bread sugar, drank alcohol and smoked his entire life and he lived to be over 90 years old. I thought that if we consume these foods we’re supposed to die early.  How do you explain that?

Dr. Berg explains, we are all born with different genes. Some people have highly robust genes that can withstand much more than others.

Other people develop metabolic issues early in life and are not able to consume unhealthy foods without them having a tremendously negative effect on their health.

It is possible to eat unhealthily and live a long life. However, very few people are able to do this without experiencing serious health consequences.

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Improve Your Immune System With Intermittent Fasting

A healthy immune system will protect you from developing illness and being infected by bacteria and viruses.

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to supercharge your gut microbes with intermittent fasting.

The health benefits are the following:

1. Increase resistance to oxidative stress (aging) + xenobiotic stress (exposure to chemicals)

2. Increase diversity of microbes, which important to your gut health.

3. Increase tolerance to bad bacteria

4. Restores intestinal epithelium (lining of the colon)

5. Microbes live longer

6. Starve off sugar for yeast and candida

Intermittent fasting will kill off the bad population, the pathogenic microbes, and you help the good population. These microbes do a lot for you. They help recycle and increase your bile acids, which help you digest fats and extract fat-soluble vitamins and omega-3 fats.

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How to Help a Friend Lose Weight

If a family member or friend is finding it having hard time when they try to loose weight, it may be because of one or more of these possible issues.

1. Cutting Calories

The most common mistake people make with weight loss is cutting calories. You want to reduce the frequency of meals, but do not lower your calories. Calorie reductions can cause:

• Slow metabolism

• Constant hunger

• Nutrient deficiencies.

2. Low Fat

You need healthy fats in your diet. Many people try to cut back on fats like butter and animal fat, but this is a mistake. Low-fat protein will cause your insulin to spike. The more their food choices trigger insulin, the less weight they’re going to lose. Keep in mind that fat has the least effect on insulin.

3. High Carbs

In the presence of too much insulin, you cannot lose fat. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone. If you are eating carbs, you don’t be able to lose weight, you will have frequent cravings, and you will likely gain even more weight. Cut out the carbs by going on a healthy keto diet.

Here is a handy tool for counting carbs, please see my Blog Post, CARB MANAGER is the Most Comprehensive and Easiest-to-use Net and Total Carb Counter

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