Bullet Proofing The Immune System.

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Your immune system protects you against disease.

The main cells in your immune system are the white blood cells. Your immune system is also made up of friendly bacteria known collectively is called the microbiome or flora. Those microbes help you in many ways from absorption of nutrients, to recycling of bile, to immune defenses. They’ll make it so there’s just not enough space or food for a pathogen to live.

Our white blood cells actually make enzymes to help break down and kill microbes and pathogens. Our white blood cells generate mucus and inflammation and these pathogens get caught up in this mucus web, it’s like quicksand.

Our immune system has a memory. When there’s a microbe that actually comes back into our body, the immune system actually tags it because it as a memory of that and it can destroy it.  So it actually learns over time by being exposed to pathogens. That’s called building up your immune system and this is why as a child it’s not very healthy to keep a child just so utterly sterile that they’re never exposed or they’re never sick. It’s a natural part of building the immune system.

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How Fasting Benefits Your Body.

This is an overview of how powerful fasting is for various parts of your body. 

BRAIN- Fasting stimulates BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). It is like Miracle Grow for the brain. BDNF helps repair and regenerate neurons. Fasting also helps with stress resistance, neurogenesis (nerve support cells), mitochondrial production, and reducing inflammation. It helps if there is damage as in Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s.

BRAIN FUNCTION- Fasting helps improve the number of mitochondria, the energy factories in all body cells including your brain. You will have better memory. You will be able to focus.  You will have better cognitive function.  

INFLAMMATION- Fasting decreases inflammation, which is deadly inflammation on the different parts of the body. There is nothing more powerful than fasting to handle inflammation.

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Calories Versus Appetite On Keto.

Are confused about the Ketogenic (Keto) Diet and Intermittent Fasting (IF) concerning calories, and the concept of not eating unless you’re hungry.

The mainstream recommendation for calories per day is: 

Female — 2000 

Male — 2500 

But, of course, the mainstream recommendation doesn’t take into account that you’re doing keto and intermittent fasting. 

When you’re doing keto and intermittent fasting, you’re switching your fuel source to your own fat calories. When counting calories it is not just about the dietary calories you’re consuming, you need to include the calories that are on your body as stored fat. A non-fat person has over a hundred thousand calories of fat an obese person has 200,000 or more calories.

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Keto: How to Visualize Your Plate instead of Counting Calories.

Here is an easy way to calculate the quantity of macros on keto.

Let’s start breaking down your meal plate.  Please see the picture of a plate. The three macronutrients are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. 

It is divided in half. On the left side are the carbs on the right side are the fat and protein. Be aware that most foods are not 100% one macro – they often contain multiple macros.

Let us start with carbohydrates. You want the majority of your carbohydrates to come from vegetables. The average person needs at least 7 cups/servings of vegetables every day. (You will need a side bowl.)

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Hungry. Why You Can’t Last Three Hours Without Food And What You Can Do About It.

I can’t go longer than three hours before I am starving!  I’m hungry and I need to eat!

What this means is you have a serious blood sugar problem.

An average thin person is carrying around about 100,000 calories of fat on their bodies yet we only have a very small amount of stored sugar.  It’s called glycogen. It’s in the liver and it’s in the muscles.

So we have about only 1700 calories of stored sugar and a tremendous amount of stored fat.  The problem is we’re not able to tap into this fat because we have a blood sugar problem.

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How To Start Keto Correctly – For Beginners

Your goal is to switch the fuel your body is running from burning sugar to fat fuel.

The hormone insulin determines whether you are going to burn fat or burn sugar. Keep insulin low to burn fat. When it goes higher your body will burn sugar.

To lower insulin lower your carbs and eat less meals, they can be larger meals just not as frequent.

Why, because every time you eat you trigger insulin. Every time you eat carbs you trigger insulin. The goal is to lower your insulin.  The combination of less meals and low carbs is very, very powerful. 

What are you going to eat in a meal?

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Your Immune System is Mostly Gut Bacteria.

Today we will discuss the relationship between your microbiome, (friendly gut bacteria) and your immune system.

In fact 70% of your immune system is this microbiome, your gut bacteria. You have trillions and trillions of microbes living in and around your body that are a constantly exchanging with you. 

You are giving them a place to live and they give you immune protection, they give you nutrients, they help your blood sugars and they give you other things that are beneficial. 

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How Do You Convince Your Friends And Family To Do Keto And Intermittent Fasting?

It feels hopeless, you show someone the research and amazing results of keto, and they still do not give it a chance. 

Why wont they to give it a try? Well, perhaps in their mind, they are healthy!

Do not upset them by telling them that they have a problem – this just doesn’t work.

You can only help people if they can think they have a problem. Then you can gently guide them in the right direction slowly over time.

Find out if the person has a problem that they want to solve first. Then, you can introduce Keto.

Never explain the diet. Instead, explain why it works. If they are interested, send them Dr. Berg’s videos. Let them discover Healthy Keto at their own pace. 

Reasons why people do not try Keto is:

1. They do not have a weight problem. Weight is not the only issue. Health is the primary focus of Keto.

2. They have heard some bad things about ketosis. 

3. They do not know Keto and its benefits. 

Help them to Understand Ketosis?

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Inflammation. What are the Causes?

What Is Really At The Core Of Your Inflammation?

1. Stress:       Cortisol is a very powerful anti-inflammatory adrenal hormone.

When your body runs out of cortisol, perhaps because you have adrenal stress, or you are burned out, you start developing all sorts of inflammatory conditions. You can even develop an auto-immune condition. If you have high levels of cortisol from stress, the receptors on your cells become resistant to cortisol, leading to cortisol resistance. Effectively you have both high and low levels of cortisol at once.

2. Insulin.      Insulin is also an anti-inflammatory hormone. When your insulin level goes high because you are eating too much sugar, you develop something called insulin resistance. There is too much insulin, so your body protects itself by decreasing the number of the insulin receptors on your cells, your body becomes resistant to the insulin, and you develop inflammation.

Insulin is the only hormone that lowers blood sugar. Many people have high blood sugar and inflammation because their insulin can no longer work, or because their pancreas is burned out.

3. Sugar.        Consuming sugar (glucose) causes inflammation because glucose by itself is highly inflammatory. Stiffness, inflammation and pain can be the result of you consuming a lot of carbs and eating frequently.

4. Body fat.    Excess fat on your body produces substances that can cause insulin resistance.

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What Is The Biggest Trap Causing You To Gain Weight?

It is snacking camouflaged as “Healthy snacking”. All these extra meals and drinks even if they are small and healthy create a spike in insulin – this adds up. 

Insulin is the fat MAKING hormone, AND IT PREVENTS FAT BURNING. The grocery store is filled with all sorts of new snacks protein bars, jerky, drinks, granola bars, with added buzz words like “gluten free” or “organic” or “natural”, but it is still food. Even fruit between meals can block weight loss. Dr. Berg cut fruit out between meals and went from 211 pounds to 185 pounds in 6 weeks.

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