The #1 BEST Intermittent Fasting Tips for Faster Weight Loss

There are so many additional benefits of intermittent fasting. 

Health benefits of intermittent fasting:

• Building a new immune system 

• Growing new brain tissue 

• Improving your mood, cognitive function, focus, memory, and concentration

• Dropping inflammation (autoimmune problem, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome or arthritis).

The best tips for intermittent fasting: 

1. Transition from two meals a day to one meal a day (23 hours of fasting)

2. Do Healthy Keto and intermittent fasting together 

3. Be consistent (take a picture of yourself before you start and then take a picture of yourself after one month to see a difference—then keep going!) 

4. Drink herbal teas – berberine tea, green tea, and 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed in water (you can also add lemon)

5. Add HIIT (high-intensity interval training) 

6. Understand what is happening in your body when you are fasting (fasting is the most important health-creating thing you can do) 

Starting with number 6 understanding what is happening when you are fasting. You are not starving. You are actually mimicking something that our bodies were designed to operate with, which is not eating so frequently. What is happening is you are activating genes that increase survival, you will be thriving.

It is turning off genes that are disease genes, turning off cancer genes, basically turning off the bad stuff and you turn on the good stuff.

You are actually improving insulin sensitivity. You are making insulin way more sensitive so it can work again. Insulin resistance is at the heart of the reason why you are overweight in the first place and have a difficult time losing weight and have a certain set point that you cannot seem to get below. It is the insulin, if you have too much insulin because you have insulin resistance it is going to be very difficult to lose weight.

Fasting is the most important thing to fix that problem. In fact fasting is the most important thing you can do in your life. So many diseases and chronic health problems are connected to high insulin. You are fixing years of bad eating and eating way too many carbs when you do fasting.

Number 5 is adding HIIT (high intensity interval training). HITT is short periods of high intense exercise with a good amount of rest. So you are doing this full body exercise in short intervals. That way you can spike growth hormone by 700 %. You can produce way better results than doing the treadmill for 45 minutes at a moderate pace. HIIT will greatly help you if you do not do it too frequently. You want to do it once or twice a week with a lot of rest in between. Your body needs a chance to recover and all of your results occur in the recovery. You want to create this stimulus and then let the body recover and do its magic and so if you combine this type of exercise with fasting you are going to see better results.

Number 4 is about herbal teas. There are certain herbal teas that specifically target those insulin receptors and make insulin more sensitive. Weight loss is all about correcting this insulin problem so anything you can do to fix insulin sensitivity is going to help you lose weight. It is not about taking supplements or teas that stimulate your metabolism, it is about drinking teas or even supplements that help this insulin sensitivity. There are two teas that Dr. Berg recommends. One is Berberine, which is probably just as effective as a medication called Metformin, which they use for diabetes.  Metformin helps you improve insulin sensitivity and so does Berberine. Berberine would be a great tea to start drinking through the day. The other tea that is really good is green tea. There is something else that can help you, apple cider vinegar. Take a teaspoon or a tablespoon and a glass of water because you are diluting it you are not taking it directly it is not going to bother your teeth too much. You could drink it through a straw if you are concerned. (ACV capsules are available so that your teeth will not be affected.)   Dr. Berg likes to add a little lemon with that or even blend an entire lemon with the apple cider vinegar and then drink it down with a straw because now we have the lemon, which is an acid.

Number 3 is about being consistent. If you weigh yourself every day you are not going to see much and it is going to be discouraging. If you look at yourself in the mirror from one day to the next you are not going to see any difference because it is going to be so gradual. The chances of you dropping off go up if you are discouraged and you do not see results. 

The best thing to do is take a picture of yourself, do not show anyone and take another picture of yourself maybe in a month so you can really see some changes that are occurring. This problem has been going on for a very long time and it is going to take some time to undo. In the process of doing this it can be discouraging if you are not seeing results.

Realize it is working. The best indicators are your appetite and craving as well as maybe your clothes fitting looser, maybe your energy improving, your mood improving.  

Do not focus on the weight loss. If you get healthy first you will lose weight.

Your body considers this extra fat as a survival mechanism and it does not like to get rid of survival. What you have to do is focus on really getting your body healthy and a big part of that is fixing insulin and it takes some consistency.

If you are not consistent your results are not going to be there and you are going to have to really bite the bullet and do it 100%. Just a tiny bit of carbs whether that is a half a glass of wine every other day or maybe a little snack of some carbohydrate like a piece of bread can severely block your progress for up to 48 hours

If you are doing something that is not on the program every other day and you are not seeing results realize that you just knocked yourself out of ketosis and you never give your body a chance to be in ketosis long enough to really see the result. It is the little things that you need to avoid that will make a huge difference.

Number 2 is doing the healthy version of the Ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting. They complement each other to fix insulin resistance.  You do that by lowering your carbs and not eat so frequently. This is why intermittent fasting with lowering your carbs is going to be essential. If you are doing intermittent fasting and you are eating a lot of carbs do not expect a lot of great results unless your metabolism is already really good and you have not created insulin resistance, which is rare. Most people have insulin resistance, they never were tested because their doctor never did a test called Homa-IR and never evaluated the fasting insulin levels.  They looked at the blood sugar levels but not the fasting insulin levels.

If you want more information please watch:

HOMA-IR – The Best Insulin Resistance Test

With the healthy Ketogenic diet focus on nutrient dense foods. Dr. Berg highly recommends you do not make a habit of eating out much because the food at restaurants unfortunately has too many bad things and they do not focus on nutrient-dense foods and there are a lot of omega-6 corn oils and soy oils in the food. You really do not know what you are getting so it is better if you control your own food and focus on things like eggs, salmon, grass-fed hamburger, and big salads. The more nutrient empty your foods are the more of that food you have to eat to get healthy so focus on nutrient-dense foods.

If you have to eat out, here is a video that will help you decide what to order.

What Fast Food Can you Eat on Keto?

Number 1is to transition from your two meals a day to one meal a day (OMAD). The benefit is with 23 hours of fasting is huge because your liver has a chance to really regenerate.  Your entire digestive system has a chance to reset. The insulin receptors that have been so downgraded start becoming extremely sensitive.

Your ketones start increasing by three times and your body is finally becoming fat adapted to the point where if you did go off the program your body can bounce back fairly easily. If you do OMAD your body becomes a fat burning machine.

The most important tip for immune fasting is to do a lot of it especially if you have a slow metabolism and especially if you are not seeing results with weight loss.

To learn more please read Intermittent Fasting Basics for Beginners

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, My #1 BEST Intermittent Fasting Tips for Faster Weight Loss

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