Are You Susceptible To The Corona Virus?

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In this video, Eric Berg, DC, a chiropractor and health educator,talks about susceptibility to the coronavirus and other viruses in general.

Here are the highlights.

The purpose of the virus is to be delivered to the host, your cells, so it can be copied and continue. The corona virus has an affinity for the lungs.

The virus goes through five stages: 

  1. Attached to the cell wall.
  2. Penetrate the cell wall.
  3. Replicate. They go into the nucleus and use it to replicate.
  4. Assemble. It will take things from your cell modify itself and come out of the cell and hide from the immune system.
  5. Release. That cell dies.
Blog - 2 Susceptiblity factors

Susceptibility factors:

  1. Age
  2. Nutrients – Viruses become more aggressive when there are selenium and vitamin E deficiencies.
  3. Genetics
  4. Weak immune system – The micro flora in your gut has a huge influence on your immune system. When you take antibiotics or steroids or sterilize a body you greatly increase the chance of getting infections.
  5. Pre-existing chronic disease.
  6. Stress.

Nutritional deficiencies can make your immune system weaker and viruses stronger.

The death rate of people that are 80+ is 14.8%. Everyone else has a significantly lower percentage. It really depends on the strength of their immune system.

Nutrients deficiencies make the immune system weaker and the viruses stronger.

Covid-19 has the lowest mortality rate of these well-known viruses. Please see the chart below.

Blog - Death rates of viruses

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Here are some of the highlights.

Key Nutrients:

  1. Vitamin C

– The most important vitamin for viruses. It decreases the susceptibility of getting an infection.  Vitamin C is necessary to make interferon, which stops viruses by killing the infected cell. Food that has the most vitamin C is sauerkraut.

  1. Vitamin E.
  2. Selenium.
  3. Zinc.
  4. Vitamin D.

Below Dr. Berg talks about the corona virus and why underlying conditions put you at an increased rate of risk of death.

Please see the chart of rates below.

Blog - Underlying conditions...

There is another condition that increases numbers of the receptors as well. It is insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is present in four out of the five underlying conditions that increase the death rate.

Instead of treating the underlying condition separately it would be wiser to do something about insulin resistance as it is a causing factor for the increased death rate.

What can you do about it? Start the ketogenic diet and do intermittent fasting.

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