Avoid ALL Keto Side Effects

We will learn how to avoid all keto side effects. Many people are afraid of experiencing the keto flu or other side effects when going on a ketogenic diet. However, if you start on the healthy version of keto from the beginning, you should not experience any adverse side effects.

If you do the Healthy Keto plan you should not have effects. Here is one of the Healthy Keto videos https://2healthyhabits.wordpress.com/2021/02/05/how-to-start-keto-correctly-for-beginners/

Here Are The Symptoms And Remedies For Common Keto Side Effects:

1. Brain fog – This could be a vitamin B1 deficiency or low ketones – use nutritional yeast and MCT oil.

In the transition phase when you are starting keto, it takes about three days, sometimes your brain does not have enough fuel. It can not generate the ketones fast enough and so you might want to increase your ketones by taking MCT oil. That can give you the ketones right away and the brain fog goes completely. Nutritional yeast can also help.

2. Gout/high uric acid – Take a green drink, like wheatgrass juice or other leafy green vegetable juice. This will regulate your pH.

When starting fasting certain people start having higher levels of uric acid. Uric acid is an antioxidant so it is trying to help you but if you are prone to gout you can notice pain in your big toe.  A simple solution is to take a green drink like wheatgrass juice powder in your water, which will alkalize you and alter the pH to the point where your immune system dose not have to create this inflammatory reaction. It works like magic. Potassium citrate also works.

3. High cholesterol – This means you need more bile salts to break down cholesterol.

4. Kidney stones – This could be not enough water or potassium citrate. Drinking 2 and a half liters of water a day is ideal. Also, avoid high-oxalate foods, like almonds, spinach, and chocolate.

The water will keep things diluted you will not be able to form a stone because kidney stones are a super saturated situation.

Also, potassium citrate is really good because first of all potassium is a protective to the kidney and it actually helps decrease the risk of kidney stones and the citrate also binds with oxalates, which are the most common form of kidney stones, calcium oxalates, so the citrate will prevent that. Also, you want to make sure you are not consuming foods high in oxalates. That would be almond, almond flour, almond butter, spinach and chocolate.

5. Digestion issues – Adjust vegetable intake (could be too much or not enough), take bile salts, avoid lectins, and take betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar.

If you start keto and you get constipation or diarrhea that is new for you, most likely you need to adjust the vegetables. You are either not having enough or you are consuming too many. It is just a matter of comparing what you did before to now and if you are eating a ton of vegetables it could mean that you need to cut it down because your microbes in your gut can not digest and deal with all that fiber. Or it could mean that you need to increase the amount of vegetables so make some adjustments and that should help.

If you get bloating typically it means you are lacking bile now that could come for many reasons. Maybe you do not have a gallbladder, maybe you have a fatty liver, maybe you are just sluggish but more bile will help bloating.

If you get abdominal pain that usually is lectins. Lectins are in vegetables. They are in beans, they are in peanuts, they are in a lot of different foods.  You may need to cut out your vegetables for a while and go carnivore just to get rid of that pain because you might have leaky gut or some inflammatory situation that now you are sensitive to plants. 

If you have acid reflux that just means you need more acidifiers – betaine hydrochloride is a good one. Apple cider vinegar is another good thing you can take that will actually help keep that valve nice and close.  Sometimes you need more Vitamin B1 to help close the valve.  On occasion if you have an ulcer, which is not a side effect of gout but if you have an ulcer, zinc is probably one of the best remedies.

6. Acne – Avoid dairy products.

The cause of acne that usually means you are sensitive to dairy. Avoid the dairy and your skin should clear up. Also, dairy can enlarge either a fibroid in women or men dairy can enlarge the prostate. If you are a guy and have prostate issues or urination problems you might need to cut out the dairy for a bit.

7. Palpitations & muscle cramps – Increase magnesium, potassium, and sea salt.

8. Irritability – Use vitamin B1.  If you are irritable or you have headaches you need Vitamin B1, nutritional yeast, is wonderful. It should make you feel nice and calm within about three minutes.

9. Gallbladder pain – Avoid nuts and peanut butter.

Gallbladder pain is underneath the right rib cage that can refer to the right shoulder up through the neck or the back that usually means that you need to cut down the nuts and especially peanut butter.

Why? Because most nuts are high in omega-6, which is inflammatory, plus there are certain type of enzyme inhibitors, which make them difficult to digest. In peanuts you have high levels of a certain toxin that comes from a fungus that can irritate the gallbladder and create a lot of issues. This is why you always want to do organic nuts and valencia peanut or valencia peanut butter. This is very important because you might say well it doesn’t matter if they spray these nuts because the shell is really hard right like walnuts it won’t penetrate but what happens is when they crack the shell open they spray after it’s open so you want to do organic nuts.

Cutting out nuts would be good. You may also need to cut out some of the extra oils that you are consuming that you might not have enough bile to actually digest some of that fat. Taking a purified bile salts or a gallbladder formula is very helpful in this situation but usually when you take out the nuts the problem solved.

10. Bad breath – Increase leafy greens and lower protein.

This is a temporary problem usually because you are not offsetting the high level of ketones with something to neutralize that like large leafy greens large salads. Sometimes you are doing too much protein so you want to make your protein moderate because too much protein can give off too much ammonia and that can come off in the breath.

11. Rash – Increase B vitamins (nutritional yeast).

Take nutritional yeast. It is usually Vitamin B2 and B3 that is deficient when you start burning more fat and you are running off your ketones the metabolic pathways are slightly different and you need certain nutrients and higher levels definitely more B vitamins.

12. Fatigue or keto flu – Sea salt and potassium.

You may get the keto fatigue and keto flu. That is usually resolved by upping the sea salt. Himalayan sea salt is the best. Or you could take potassium in a good electrolyte powder that should handle that. Sometimes if you have blood pressure fluctuations that happens when you start keto, try increasing sea salt and then try decreasing it and one of them usually will handle it. You might need to also add potassium with some Vitamin D and that should handle it.

13. Sleeplessness – Increase calcium (calcium citrate or calcium lactate) and sea salt.

Low salt can trigger more adrenaline, which can then keep you up at night and you can have insomnia. You might need more sea salt if you are not sleeping and sometimes a little calcium. A good source of calcium is calcium citrate or lactate.

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video Avoid ALL Keto Side Effects

For more information please watch The 16 Most Common KETO Side Effects and Remedies


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