My mission is to help people like you get well and stay well. – Dr. Raymond Francis

Raymond Francis, D.Sc., M.Sc., RNC has been called a “brilliant advanced thinker” and has been cited as “one of the few scientists who has achieved a breakthrough understanding of health and disease.”blog jan. 11 hoax image

This Post is Transcript from Dr. Raymond Francis’s 4.47 minute video Processed Foods.

My mission is to help people like you get well and stay well.

Most nutrition experts agree, don’t eat processed foodsand here’s a problem. There is a lot of confusion about what is a processed food, so let me try and add some clarity.

Virtually ALL the packaged goods you buy in a supermarket are processed foods. They’re unhealthy. Processing is anything you do to a raw agricultural commodity after it’s been harvested.Now some processing is benign you know chopping up an apple cutting an apple or chopping some onions.  This is this is minor stuff it’s processing but it’s minimally processed. Minimally processed foods have been used safely since antiquity. They fermented foods, they sun-dried foods.

It’s the modern highly processed foods that are killing us.For example, processing whole wheat into white flour looses the fiber, the essential fatty acids and about 80 percent of the vitamins and minerals.

The average American is eating well over a hundred pounds of this junk every year. Bad enough by itself white flour is then used to create baked goods. These baked goods contain toxins like azodicarbonamide, which is a dough conditioner, caramel coloring, monoglycerides and diglycerides, which are emulsifiers, salt, potassium bromate, which is a carcinogen but it helps the dough to rise higher and gives the bread a nice white color, sugar, processed fats and oils, artificial colors flavors, preservatives. It kind of be nuts to eat this stuff and we’re consuming it by the ton.

Remember, there are only two causes of diseases – deficiency and toxicity.

Modern processing loses nutrients and adds toxins and this is why processed foods cause disease. Beware of foods that come in cans and jars and packages. These include all your baked goods and your pasteurized milk and your breakfast cereals and canned goods and frozen foods and prepared meals. We’ve been taught that frozen food is as good as fresh food. That isn’t true. Frozen foods are not as good as fresh foods. Vegetables are blanched prior to freezing. This results in losing folate, B vitamins, about 25% of vitamin C.

However it’s about choices and in the absence of fresh foods, frozen vegetables may be your best choice. So read labels carefully. The key is to minimize and avoid the worst choices. Especially stay away from those with a LONG list of ingredients. Stay away from these prepackaged things: prepackaged meals and canned foods and baked goods and deli meats and breakfast cereals and supermarket oils and anything that contains flavor enhancers and salt and emulsifiers and stabilizers from sweeteners and thickeners and added fats and oils and processing aids. Wow!

Choose food items with the least amount of stuff in it, no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives, no added sugars, no sodium, no added fats and oils. That’s the best you can do.

But the healthiest choice of all is always freshly harvested, organically produced plant-based foods.  So as much as possible eat vegetables raw. Eat lots of fresh salads dressed with high-quality olive oil or flaxseed oil. In addition high-quality supplements are essential. To learn more about how to get well and stay well read my book The Great American Health Hoax.

My personal journey to improved health was heavily influenced by Dr. Raymond Francis’s book, Never be Sick Again. The rest of his books, Never Be Fat Again, Never Feel Old Again, Never Fear Cancer Again,  also have tips on how to improve your health.  I highly recommend his books.

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Pain! Pain Relief!

Pain!  During renovations, I fell. Thankfully, I did not break anything. But hurts like I did.    

Years ago, I would have grabbed the Advil (ibuprofen).  

Why not now? Because of the side effects. 

The most common side effects from ibuprofen are rashringing in the earsheadaches, dizziness, drowsiness, abdominal painnauseadiarrheaconstipation and heartburn.   

Lately, in my efforts to reduce generalized inflammation I have been taking Turmeric (curcumin) with Carlsen’s Cod Liver oil *. I tried a good quality turmeric spice with the oil but it does not give me the same relief.   The only thing that works is the turmeric extract that comes in Adeeva’s Natural Pain Relief **.

** Adëeva Nutritionals. I do not receive any money for recommending this product. CALL: 1-888-251-1010 ext. 381  

From their website: Nature’s Relief contains the four most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs ever researched, each of which has been shown in clinical trials to reduce pain and swelling in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, advanced osteoarthritis, as well as other musculoskeletal inflammatory problems.


* Carlsen’s taste good, it comes in lemon or orange flavour. Dr. Russell Blaylock says the oil stimulates the absorption of the turmeric. I agree! It is more effective. One to two teaspoons is all you need.

That is it for now.  I off to rest and get better.
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