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Here are a few of Dr. Doug McGuff’s work out videos for men.

All you need is 15 minutes to complete the Big 5 Workout.

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The Bigger Benefits Of Exercise Is Not Weight Loss.

The amount of influence that exercise has on your weight is only 15%.

85% of weight loss is influenced by what you eat and the frequency of your meals.

Bigger Benefits Of Exercise Are:

  1. Prevents the loss of muscle mass.

Regular exercise prevents muscle mass especially for people that are getting older. Loosing muscle mass is a normal condition called Sarcopenia. An average person will loose .5 to 1% of muscle mass per year after the age of 50.

You can slow it down by with regular exercise. It gives the person the hormectic effect. It is a mild stress to create a greater benefit. When you stress your body out it rejuvenates, repairs, recovers and it becomes stronger.

You can slow Sarcopenia by getting enough protein. It is important to consume enough protein and that it is turning into body tissue.

This Post explains the symptoms of protein deficiency and how much you need per day. Do You Have These Protein Deficiency Symptoms?

  1. Builds antioxidant reserve network.

There are two types of antioxidants that prevent free radical damage, which cause destruction in the body. One group would be from your diet, especially from vegetables. Your body also makes antioxidants: glutathione, SOD and many more that help to prevent free radical damage. Exercise will build up this network, which helps minimize the damage in the body and it helps the repair mechanism in the DNA.

  1. Stabilizes blood sugar.

If you are new to keto, there is the Dawn phenomenon where your blood sugars are higher than they should be even though you had no carbs in your evening meal. It is because your body is used to making glucose and you are getting rid of insulin resistance and you have extra blood sugar. Exercise will burn it up and get it out of the system and stabilize blood sugar.

  1. Increases oxygen and gives you energy.
  2. Decreases stress because you increasing oxygen.

You are also increasing lymph and blood flow and circulation through out the body. It depends on your recovery. If you exercise later at night and your pulse rate does not come in time for sleep, it will stop your sleep.

  1. Enhances sleep.

Some people sleep better with low intensity long walks, others do better with high intensity interval training.

  1. Increases flexibility.

It increases because you are using your body, like the old adage says, “Use It Or Loose It.”

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  1. Strengthens the heart.

Cardiovascular function can be increased by exercise because you are adding stress to make the heart stronger.

  1. Enhances cognitive function and mood.

It improves because you pushing all this blood flow with oxygen and nutrients to the brain you are going improve the function of the brain.

Dr. Berg suggests you find a regular exercise and you will improve your health on all these points.

Dr. Eric Berg is a chiropractor, who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University.

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