Chronic Stress Destroys your Immune System.

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These are the highlights from Dr. Berg’s video. I invite you to follow along while you watch this video.

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He quotes from the book, The Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations, Vol. 4, Endocrine System and Selected Metabolic Diseases, Page 84.

Here is the link to the paper

It talks about the function of cortisol and what happens if you have too much cortisol, which is activated by stress.

It says, (cortisol) “diverts amino acids from lymphoid tissue (in the lymphic system) leading to marked (prominent) reduction in size and actual lysis (breakdown) of the (lymph) nodes.”

The lymph nodes are where the immune reactions take place. This reaction protects you from pathogens.

High cortisol will divert amino acids from the lymphatic systems leading to a noticeable reduction in the size and actual breakdown of the nodes.

This shrinks your immune system.

This is not good because now you are going loose your defense mechanism. It is making you immune system smaller.

The next quote from the book says, “this is accompanied by a marked (emphasized) decrease in overall antibody production, which together with breakdown of inter-and extracellular (inside and outside the cell) barriers… raises susceptibility to viral and bacterial infection.”

Antibodies are produced by your immune system they help develop immunity. Antibodies don’t necessarily kill, but they actually put a little tag on the pathogen for other immune cells to kill them. With enough antibodies in your system you are protected. But with high cortisol you have decrease in antibody production, which together with a breakdown in inter- and intra- cellular (between the cells and within the cells) barriers.

High cortisol causes a breakdown in your cellular barriers, which will raise your susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections.

To keep your immune system strong it’s not just about nutrition it’s also about keeping your stress as low as possible.

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