The 9 Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Fat.

When you are doing the healthy Ketogenic diet, usually you are eating more fat and the body has to adapt to it but some people could overdo it.

You may be eating fat and it is not really fully breaking down. When you do keto usually you are eating more fat and you have to adapt to it. Your gallbladder and your liver have to adapt to that fat.  Some people can overdo it especially if they are adding MCT oil, butter, coconut oil and bulletproof coffee.

You need a good liver to make the bile, a good gallbladder to store it and then you also need a good pancreas to release the lipase enzyme. Your pancreas and your gallbladder work together to help you digest fat.

These are some of the signs that you are just overdoing it a bit.

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Corona Virus: Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus (or Any Virus)

Sally Fallon Morell, the head of the Weston A. Price Foundation, empowers us to take our health into our own hands. Through a nutrient-dense diet, we can strengthen our bodies naturally and improve their ability to confront what may come their way.

Sally offers practical tips for boosting immunity including:

  • taking 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil per day
  • eating liver once per week
  • drinking bone broth regularly for detoxing
  • including saturated fat to safeguard respiratory health

She goes into detail about the foods that nourish and protect our immune system. She discusses the role of vitamins A, D, C, and saturated fats. She covers the role of 5G in weakening the immune system in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus. And, importantly, she reminds us to stay calm – since stress depletes our vitamin A stores, which are critical for fighting any virus.

The Post has been condensed from Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus (or Any Virus) with Sally Fallon Morell.

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Highlights from the conversation include:

  • How the coronavirus is not particularly new – SARS and MERS are versions of it
  • Why it’s not important to speculate about whether it’s manmade or not
  • How Mother Nature is not easily manipulated
  • How vitamin A (from animal foods) is critical for fighting disease
  • How so-called “vitamin A” found in plant foods is actually carotene and not easily converted to vitamin A in our bodies
  • How egg yolks, butter, liver, and cod liver oil are good sources of vitamin A
  • How cod liver oil was used to boost health prior to WWII
  • How it fell into disfavor once antibiotics were introduced
  • How vitamin D works synergistically with vitamin A
  • How Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables and in a plant-like powder
  • Why bone broth is an excellent immunity booster and detoxing protocol
  • Why coconut oil is great for fighting viruses
  • How 1 T. of coconut oil per day is recommended for gut health
  • The difference between MCT oil and coconut oil
  • How we need saturated fats to keep the lungs working well
  • How saturated fats are found in butter, coconut oil, meat fats, cream, & cheese
  • How “vegetable oils” are actually industrial seed oils
  • What it takes to make these rancid oils palatable
  • Why raw milk is good for you and is sometimes called “white blood”
  • Issues with coronavirus testing – accuracy of test, false positives, etc.
  • Statistics: 50 deaths per day from coronavirus, 1000 daily from the flu, 2000 deaths from pneumonia per day, 3000 deaths per day from tuberculosis
  • Worry and panic and stress deplete vitamin A, which we need to fight the virus
  • What Sally does to fight stress and worry
  • Wuhan had 5G rolled out in December 2019 – did that impact the spread of the virus?
  • At 60 megahertz, 5G tampers the oxygen in our blood and lowers immunity

This Post has been condensed from Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus (or Any Virus) with Sally Fallon Morell.

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