Did you know that fiber cannot be digested by the gut without beneficial bacteria?

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Fibercannot be digested by the gut without the help of beneficial bacteria.Beneficial bacteria feed on fiber producing a whole host of good nutrition for the gut wall and the whole body. When the good bacteria are damaged and are not able to “work” the fiber, dietary fiber itself can become dangerous for the digestive system, providing a good habitat for the bad pathogenic bacteria and aggravating inflammation in the gut wall.

Latose(milk sugar) is another substance which most of us would not be able to digest without are good bacteria in gut. If we are not meant to digest lactose, then, why do some people seem to manage it perfectly well?

The answer is that these people have the right bacteria in their gut. One of the major lactose-ingesting bacteria in the human gut is a physiological strains of E. coli. They exist in large numbers throughout life, providing they do not get destroyed by antibiotics and other environmental influences. Apart from digesting lactose, these E. coli produce vitamin K2, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, produce antibiotic like substances and control other members of their own family, which can cause disease. In fact having your gut populated by the physiological strains of E. coli is the best way to protect yourself from pathogenic species of E. coli.

Vitamins and amino acids deficiencies: In the process of evolution Nature made sure that when the food supply is sparse, we humans don’t die from vitamins and amino acids deficiencies.

Nature provided us with our own factory that provides a constant stream these substances – our healthy gut flora.  And when this gut flora is damaged, despite adequate nutrition, we develop vitamin deficiencies. Why? Because many vitamins and other active substances have a fairly short life in the body. So, unless one is taking these vitamins every hour (providing that they can get absorbed at all without healthy gut flora), there will be periods during the day when the body would be deficient of these vitamins. That is what happens to people with damaged gut flora. Restoring the beneficial bacteria in the gut is the best way to deal with these deficiencies.

This Post was a continuation of the last two posts:

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In that Post we learned about the 3 types of Micro-flora in our gut:

  • Essential or beneficial (friendly) flora.
  • Opportunistic flora.
  • Transitional flora.

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  1. The second Post helped us to understand how this situation could get worse.

In that Post we learned the situation is made worse because without well functioning gut flora we will have nutritional deficiencies and food in tolerances. We learned about our inability to digest milk and wheat.

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SOURCE: Gut and Psychology Syndrome https://www.amazon.ca/Psychology-Syndrome-D-D-D-H-D-Schizophrenia/dp/0954852028

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