Growing Muscle on Keto

To grow muscle while doing intermittent fasting and keto you must exercise. Why? It is because the most important stimulus to muscle growth is the intensity of the exercise. 

Before we get into the exercise part. We need to understand the underlying principle. When you do intermittent fasting consistently (two meals a day) and you are adapted to ketosis you will have higher levels of human growth hormone. Human growth hormone doescause the growth of muscle and it also prevents the loss of muscle.

On the opposite spectrum if you are eating frequently through the day and you have insulin resistance and you have blood sugar issues or you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, you are going to have less amino acids going into that muscle. You are going to have more muscle loss. 

To stimulate muscle growth or retention, consume two meals a day. Keep your carbs closer to 50 grams per day, but not over that. Why? We do not want to go too high because we are trying to prevent insulin resistance. 

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