Can you get your child off medication? What are the roots of good health?

This the last of the 4 part series on GAPS by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride.

So many parents have CHILDREN ON MEDICATION of some sort, they may be asthma medications, maybe antihistamines. They’re afraid now that if they you know if they stop those medications that their children will become very sick or die.

What would you what would you tell those parents are afraid to move away from medications?

MCBRIDE: You’re absolutely right, medications are unnatural.It is not a good idea to medicate your child particularly permanently and for a long period of time.

So introduce the gaps diet, which is described in great detail in my book and on the website. (See the links below.)

Introduce the diet. Start getting your child healthier and better because children in the modern world are malnourished.  They do not get enough nutrition from the processed foods. So you need to nourish your child and you need to do a lot of healing in the digestive tract and that’s what gaps nutrition protocol will accomplish for you.

If a medication is necessary, if when it is stopped and there are symptoms returning, then you can start the diet first and then gradually reduce the medication and stop it because the body will be strong by then by that point to take that change and to get rid of the medication.

INTERVIEWER: Now also I just like to touch on what you mentioned earlier. We talked about getting to the ROOTS OF ISSUES and maybe you can talk a little bit about that.

MCBRIDE: As I say our gut holds the roots of our health. If you have a tree with sick roots, that tree is not going to thrive. The same happens with the human body.

If the gut is sick, if it is unhealthy, then the rest of the body cannot function. You will wilt. You will die. You will just keep wilting away for many years going from one sickness to the next. As long as the roots stay sick. So gaps nutritional protocol focuses on healing the roots of your health.

When you look under the microscope and the roots of the plant and at the microvilli and villi in the digestive tract of the human being, they look very similar.  The roots of the plant derived the nutritional protection from the soil around them.

Well, the surprise is that the gut flora inside us is the soil around our roots.The gut flora is made out of microbes and the same with healthy soil. Healthy soil is largely made out of microbes and it’s these microbes and all the organic matter that they are processing is like soil inside us inside our digestive system.

And the recent research has shown that about 90% of all genetic material and all cells in human body is our gut flora, our soil. We’re only a shell, we’re only 10%. We provide a habitat for this soil and we ignore that part of our physiology at our peril. It’s a very, very important part.

Unfortunately our modern lifestyles are full of antibiotics and full of pesticides and fertilizers and various other chemicals that we keep pouring into our bodies. They destroy the soil. They unbalance it inside us they kill off a lot of microbes in it and that means some other microbes which we used to be controlled by these microbes overgrow and start causing damage and start causing trouble and your roots become sick, the roots of your health and that means the rest of your body cannot function well you have to attend to the root first.

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Book: Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Next week I will post more about the “Roots of the Tree” from her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome.
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Healing your gut with the GAPS diet.


I grew up with learning issues. I now know what I was eating was contributing to my foggy brain. Dr. McBride taught me that the GAPS diet that would help me lift that fog.

The following is condensed from the video link: The Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Healthy Gut, healthy Human, 14 min short clip

Health - Gaps Conference 2016 - Dr. Natasha McBride

Every illness – whether it is mental, or physical – begins in the digestive system of the human being.

GAPS – Gut and Psychology, and Gut and Physiology Syndrome established a connection between the state of the gut and the health of the rest of the body.

Recent research has discovered that 90% of all cells – in your body – is your gut flora.

Your gut flora protects your gut from any invader from the outside. Be it a microbe, be it a worm, or be it a toxin, a chemical. If it is a cancer-causing chemical … these microbes have an ability to neutralise these chemicals.

Microbes are all controlling each other, so not one of them can overgrow, get out of control, and start causing damage.

When we take antibiotics we kill off a large part of that harmony. So what’s left there, suddenly, is not controlled anymore. We have an imbalance.

Most industrial food is full of antibiotics.

Meat, industrially produced.

Fish, industrially produced.

Eggs, milk, vegetables, fruit, grains, beans – everything is grown with substances, which have antibiotic properties.

Most pesticides are antibiotics.

Every time we are eating non-organic food, we are taking in antibiotics.

What can damage our gut flora?

What can damage our gut flora?
* Anitbiotics
* Steroids, The Pill
* Other drugs
* Stress
* Poor Diet
* Infections
* Disease
* Bottle Feeding
* Old Age
* Pollution
* Alcohol
* Toxic Chemicals
* Dental Work

When people destroy their gut flora – usually with antibiotics – they develop anaemia:

They become pale, pasty, their energy goes down.

And they can’t tolerate stress and pressure.

They continue being anaemic until we restore the gut flora of the person.

In my (Dr. Natasha McBride) clinic, I’ve worked with thousands of autistic children, almost 100% of the mothers have abnormal gut flora.

What do we need to do with this child?

We need to change the gut flora. And once that source of toxicity stops, the brain cleans up.

The human brain has its own detoxification system, Microglia.

It’ will clean itself up and it will start functioning.

The toxic fog disappears and from that moment on the child learns.

So, if the child is two years old, three years old, we can pull the child out of autism 100%.

[Dr. McBride healed her own son of autism with the GAPS diet.]

GAPS people have an abnormal digestive system.

An unhealthy digestive system doesn’t produce enough serotonin or dopamine.

So these children grew up being depressed most of their life.

These children use reckless behaviour to get a spike of serotonin or dopamine, just to feel alive.

In order to help these children, we need to heal their gut.

Autoimmunity – ALL autoimmunity is born in the gut.

Every autoimmune disease is a digestive disorder, whether it is rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus, or psoriasis, or multiple sclerosis, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or anything else.

Our major immunologists in the world are now confirming this fact, in the last few years.

Focus on normalising your gut flora and you will change the very basis of your immune function in the body, and the immune system will start working properly in the body.

The majority of GAPS children and adults are fussy eaters.

More than 90% of children with learning disabilities have this problem, and they limit their food to sweet and starchy foods. As a result a drug is produced in their digestive system by their abnormal gut flora.

The drug is sugar.

The drug is wheat.

The drugs are those biscuits, and cakes and crackers that they are eating and the breakfast cereal they are eating.

These are the foods we avoid, because the human digestive system has not been designed to digest them well, and we get virtually no useful nutrition from them.

* All grains
* Starchy vegetables
* Sugar, other commercial sweeteners
* Milk sugar Lactose
* Starchy beans including soy
* All processed foods
* All food additives

These are the recommended foods; that is what we are actually eating on the program.

* All meats cooks from fresh or frozen
* All fish cooked from fresh or frozen
* Organ meats
* Good quality eggs
* Non-starch vegetables
* All ripe fruit including dried fruit
* Nuts and seeds
* Fermented foods: dairy, vegetables, etc.
* Cold extracted honey

These are the foods the human digestive system can break down well, and they are the basis of building our human bodies.

Meat and fish stock provide glucosamine, collagen in large amounts, gelatine, and other things.

These foods provide all the necessary building materials for your gut wall to give birth to trillions of new cells.

In that way it rebuilds itself.

The only fat suitable for human physiology, is animal fat.

Vegetable oils, cooking oils, are poisonous. Nobody should be eating them, nobody should be cooking with them.

We need natural fats.
* All animal fats
* Butter and ghee
* Coconut oil and palm oil
* Cold pressed virgin olive oil

The detox system recovers. In more than 85% of these children, when we retest a year later – lead is gone, mercury is gone and we didn’t have to chelate.

You can start from the Full GAPS Diet.

The Full GAPS Diet gives you a longer list of ingredients to play with, and you can eat out.

You can eat in good quality restaurants while on the Full GAPS Diet.

Many people achieve a lot of healing and recover completely. Just on the Full GAPS Diet.

But if you have some symptoms, which are just not going – you’ve achieved a lot of healing, but some things are just still left behind – do the Introduction Diet at home, and you will get rid of those remaining symptoms.

Book Dr. McBride has written:

Put Your Heart in Your Mouth: Natural Treatment for Atherosclerosis, Angina, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Arrhythmia, Peripheral Vascular Disease (2016)

Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia, 2nd Edition

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Hungry and Angry! Dr. Russell Blaylock explains “How Hypoglycemia Affects Behavior”

Have you watched a child stop acting out once they have eaten? Please click the link below.

About a third of the population suffers from a condition called reactive hopoglycemia, which occurs when consumption of simple sugars – specially as liquids – precipitates an overstimulation of pancreatic insulin release that in turn drives the blood sugar to dangerously low levels.

During these spells, the brain is operating on a very low glucose supply and the brain secretes increasing amounts of glutamate and asparate. This is why someone feels so hyperactive, and even angry, when hungry. … (There is) dramatic improvement in behaviour once they have eaten.

Dr. Blaylock serves on the editorial staff of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association and on the editorial board of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. He has written two books: 1. The Taste That Kills, which demonstrated the links between food additive and degenerative diseases.  2. Health and Nutrition Secrets that can save your life.

Ketosis – Dr. Phinney tells us to maintain a low carb diet for a long time.

I was surfing looking for more Ketogenic advice.  I found this easy to understand video.  In it Dr. Phinney gives us Tips for maintaining low carb for a long time (Video 25 min. mark):

  1. Filling up with fat. Choose saturated and monounsaturated fats primarily.
  2. Keep the carbs low.
  3. Keep yourself at a range where you stay in nutritional ketosis, which allows the body to have a free flow of fat fuel to all organs in the body. To satisfy oneself by the moderate protein, high fat and
  4. Make sure that you eat the right kind of fat, which is stay away from the liquid vegetable oils that are rich in omega-6s.
  5. Emphasize those that have not have high monounsaturated like olive oil or high oleic safflower or possibly even canola oils.
  6. Then eat a variety of if you wish for taste and for variation, eat a variety of low carbohydrate vegetables and I even in my 25 to 50 grams of carb intake per day
  7. I find room for berries if I have a hundred grams of blueberries or raspberries or blackberries. I have that with cream makes a delicious dessert and so that one can have even a small amount of berry fruit in in the daily diet and that gives a opportunity for excellent variety.


BOOK: The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, who should read this book.

Dr. Phinney explains that originally when Dr. Volek (co-author from University of Connecticut) and he were writing it (the book), we realized that most physicians have no major background in nutrition and so we found ourselves writing in it the entry level for a well-educated smart person, but somebody who hadn’t had previous coursework in nutrition.

BONUS: The New Atkins for a New You Cookbook

Vaccines are a hot and important topic. The more we learn the more we can make an informed decision for our children and ourselves.

If you’re a parent or grandparent, you will want to tune into learn from about vaccines from experts all over the world.

The Truth About Vaccines starts airing Wednesday April 12th.

If you’re a parent, soon to be parent, grandparent, or even thinking about having children, for the health of your children, you must tune in.

This groundbreaking documentary has taken the camera crew and Ty Bollinger , from The Truth About Cancer, all over the world interviewing experts about this extremely divisive subject.

Please watch the Truth About Cancer presentation about Vaccines.