GAPS Diet Explained

GAPS Diet has become known all over the world, helping children and adults to recover from very serious health problems.

Some people do well with following the Full GAPS Diet, which is the easiest to implement and is very suitable for following as a permanent lifestyle. Many people have to go through the GAPS Introduction Diet, which is more difficult to follow, but it achieves deeper healing of the gut and the rest of the body.

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How Much Of Your Health Or Disease Is Genetic?

I was born with bad genes. There is nothing I can do. That is absolutely not true!


Only 5-10% of disease is caused by a genetic defect that has been passed on by your parents.  It does not mean that you’re going to get that disease.

Thomas Seyfried, the expert in cancer, wrote a book, Cancer As A Metabolic Disease. He says when you see tumors in cancers you do see a lot of genetic mutations but those mutations, those alterations in genes are downstream.

They are symptoms NOT causes of the cancer.

They are symptoms of the damage in the mitochondria, the machinery where you are burning fuel. That is the first thing that gets damaged and then the mitochondria adapts to a different metabolism called fermentation.

Because the mitochondria has its own DNA and they are not protected like the DNA in the nucleus because they are outside the nucleus they are very susceptible to mutations and alterations in the DNA. That is probably one of the reasons why you see so many gene mutations in tumors and cancer.

Most gene mutations are not inherited; they are somatic mutations. Somatic mutations mean it is not inherited, but caused by your environment. 

To understand this further, epigenetics is an important term. It means above genetics.

Epigenetics explained:

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Our gut holds the roots of our health, with sick roots we will not to thrive.

If the gut is sick, if it is unhealthy, then the rest of the body cannot function. You will be sick.

The GAPS nutritional protocol focuses on healing the roots of your health, the gut flora inside us.

A human body is inhabited by large numbers of various micro-creatures making one ecosystem of macro and micro life, living together in a symbiotic relationship.Recent research has shown that about 90% of all genetic material and all cells in human body is our gut flora. We ignore that part of our physiology at our peril.

A healthy adult, on average, carries 1.5 to 2 kg of bacteria in the gut. All these bacteria form a highly organized micro-world with certain species be dominating and controlling others.

Micro-flora can be divided into three groups:

  1. Essential or beneficial (friendly) flora.
  1. Opportunistic flora. In a healthy person their numbers are normally limited and are tightly controlled by the beneficial flora. Each of these microbes is capable of causing various health problems if they get out of control.
  1. Transitional flora. These are various microbes, which we daily swallow with food and drink. When the gut is well protected by beneficial flora, this group of microbes goes through our digestive system trapped without doing any harm. But if the population of beneficial flora is not functioning well in this group of microbes can cause disease.

The digestive tract is coated with a bacterial layer providing a natural barrier against invaders, undigested food, toxins and parasites.

The bacterial layer works against invasive pathogenic micro-organisms by producing antibiotic like substances and engages the immune system to respond appropriately to invaders.

Our healthy indigenous (friendly) gut flora has a good ability to neutralize toxic substances, inactivate histamine and chelate metals and other poisons. The cell walls of beneficial bacteria absorb many carcinogenic substances, making them inactive. They also suppress hyperplastic (abnormal tissue growth) processes in the gut, which the basis of all cancer formation.

And we must not forget about the opportunistic flora, which normally lives in the gut, controlled by the beneficial bacteria. They will cause trouble if the good bacteria are weakened. In inflammatory bowel disease different bacteria are found in the mucous membrane of the gut and even inside the gut cells, which means the productive bacterial band has been broken and allowed pathogens to reach the sacred gut wall.

To make the situation even worse… Well, we will leave that for next week.

Source: Gut and Psychology Syndrome

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Genetics does not have to dictate my health.

Hello, my name is Lydia. I believe the best way to predict my future is to create it. To do that, I make it a habit to improve my health.

My goal is to maximize my physical performance and mental clarity, body composition, and most importantly my overall health with a wholesome diet and exercise.

Why am I so concerned, you may ask. My motivation came from watching my mother suffer from numerous illnesses. Her life was regulated by when she had to take her drugs.

I have been retired for a while and I have yet to experience any of her illnesses. I attribute that to eating a wholesome diet and exercise.

I supplement my diet with high-quality vitamins, mineral supplements.

In my posts, I focus on two diets: the Ketogenic (Low-Carb) and GAPS (Gut and Psychology / Physiology Syndrome) diets.

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