Autophagy – Exercise vs. Fasting

What Will Trigger Autophagy (anti-aging) More Exercise Or Fasting?

What is Autophagy is a condition. Autophagy is all about anti-aging. It is the recycling of old worn out cell parts (proteins). When we age we have a deficiency of autophagy. Autophagy is very deficient in chronic disease states. It is very important to know how to trigger this condition.

What Triggers Autophagy? 

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How Do You Convince Your Friends And Family To Do Keto And Intermittent Fasting?

It feels hopeless, you show someone the research and amazing results of keto, and they still do not give it a chance. 

Why wont they to give it a try? Well, perhaps in their mind, they are healthy!

Do not upset them by telling them that they have a problem – this just doesn’t work.

You can only help people if they can think they have a problem. Then you can gently guide them in the right direction slowly over time.

Find out if the person has a problem that they want to solve first. Then, you can introduce Keto.

Never explain the diet. Instead, explain why it works. If they are interested, send them Dr. Berg’s videos. Let them discover Healthy Keto at their own pace. 

Reasons why people do not try Keto is:

1. They do not have a weight problem. Weight is not the only issue. Health is the primary focus of Keto.

2. They have heard some bad things about ketosis. 

3. They do not know Keto and its benefits. 

Help them to Understand Ketosis?

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