How to Travel While Staying Keto/ Low Carb

For many people, traveling often leads to cheating on their ketogenic diet. With increased exposure to carbohydrates and difficulty finding low-carb, high fat alternatives, it may seem like too much of a hassle to stick to your ketogenic efforts. But by preparing for your trip by following these tips, traveling while eating keto will be … Continue reading “How to Travel While Staying Keto/ Low Carb”

Guide To Making Keto Work Long Term

Add fat to your foods so you aren’t hungry, but only until you are satisfied, adding too much fat will stall your weight loss. Keep a staple like spreadable butter blend on hand and customize it with your favorite herbs or flavors (like garlic!) Learn more at Which Fats Do I Use To Replace Vegetable Oils? … Continue reading “Guide To Making Keto Work Long Term”