Reversing Disease with the GAPS Diet.

“You can’t go sailing” the irritated dermatologist exclaimed, “you have stage four cancer, you are dying! Do you not understand!” This was the start of a journey, which resulted in being tumour free. This is our story and how we did it.

This journey was the basis of Meme Grant’s book. How We Beat Cancer: The Natural Way

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Ketogenic diet for cancer?


  • The Ketogenic diet has been shown to weaken cancer thereby making chemo and radiation therapy more effective, and allowing for lower dose chemo to be used which is not as damaging.
  • The Ketogenic diet puts healthy cells into a state of ketosis in which they go into protection mode, so the chemo is less damaging to the healthy cells.
  • Blood sugar levels remain constant and insulin is kept at a minimum level, which is advantageous for those with cancer as increased insulin promotes the growth of cancer.
  • The GAPS protocol is designed to heal and seal the gut, which is one of the advantages of combining GAPS and Keto.


  • It can be daunting in the beginning, as it needs reasonably accurate measuring and strict compliance.
  • If not done properly it can lead to a lack of certain essential nutrients. This can be countered by eating nutrient dense low-carb vegetables.
  • The person may feel deprived as a lot of “favourite foods” are excluded. (Substitute food can satisfy the craving.)
  • Bad breath from Ketones. (This goes away in time)
  • Change from carbohydrate burning to ketosis may cause headaches, weakness or other temporary issue. (*See Keto-flu below)
  • Leg cramps can be eliminated by adding more sea salt, Potassium and magnesium to the diet and doing leg stretches for 10 minutes before bed.
  • Excessive protein must not be eaten, and only healthy fats eaten, carbohydrates and calories need to be restricted. The Ketogenic diet is high fat, low carbohydrate, and medium protein.
  • Eating out is difficult but not impossible.

To learn more about Keto-flu read KICK ‘Keto-flu,’ ‘Atkins-flu,’ and ‘adrenal fatigue’

What follows is taken from the discussion between Meme Grant, GAPS Practitioner, Marcus Freudenmann, from Truly Heal and Cancer is Curable Now.

Meme: When you start you need fermented sauerkraut juice because you need the vitamin C and probiotics.

Also, Dr. Natasha advocates putting liver in the stock. To do that, cookup liver, (blend it), and freeze in ice cube trays, drop a cube or two of liver in when you make your stock to increase your vitamin content.

Dr. Natasha realized that you need vitamin A and vitamin D for healing the gut. To that end you need to take fermented cod liver oil, which is your vitamin A vitamin D.

Bone broth is cooked for a long time, the length depends on the size of the bones.  If a person has very bad diarrhea, Dr. Natasha recommends the total bone stock to stop the diarrhea.  Those who don’t have diarrhea are allowed to have the bone stock and non-starchy vegetable stews with all the seeds removed.  For instance of you using a baby marrow (zucchini), you cut out the seeds and the skin it off.

When you have cancer and are doing the Ketogenic diet, bone broth/stock fasting works very well as it is cleansing and nutritious. For my husband I put in a cup of water of blended watercress into his stew because watercress has a whole lot of vitamins and minerals and it’s never going to push up your blood sugars because a cup of it is .36 of a gram of carbs, it is never going to affect your blood sugar, it is also alkalinizing and a good detoxifier. 

People who’ve been vegetarian or vegan may have a problem with meat stock and will find the adjustment easier if they start with chicken stock first.

Introduce it slowly with gaps children or adults who tend to not want to eat what’s good for them because the bad bacteria are dictating what it wants them to eat. Bribe them into having just one teaspoon at a time. That way the body will adapt and will start craving it. This could take a while depending on the gut flora imbalance.

Dr. Natasha insists on people having liver. If you can’t get organic liver then your best bet is lamb’s liver because they haven’t managed to put them on feedlots thank goodness.

You can use lamb bones for your broth, which you might find a lot easier than beef.   It has a lot nicer smell and it tastes a lot nicer, at least I think so. For cancer patients, you’ve got the bovine growth factor in beef so for them beef is not the best. You can use free range, organic pork, which is very difficult to find or game like deer or small wild cold-water fish.

For GAPS you not allowed spices initially but you can certainly put fresh herbs in to make it taste different, taste nice and vary it. For my husband with cancer of course I put in all the spices especially cumin and pepper. He would have curry, Chinese five-spice broth or herbal flavour just to give him variety.

Marcus asked how long do I do the diet?

Depends on the person and the state of the health of their gut.

With GAPS start with the Introductory diet. I suspect 95% of the people have food intolerances. I suggest that they do the Introductory Diet, Stage 1, for two weeks and after that they start introducing foods as per Dr Natasha’s recommendations.

If you did the Introductory Diet for two weeks and then started introducing the foods she recommends. She also recommends fermented kefir, yogurt and ghee. I can’t do ghee because I seem to have the antibody for the butyric acid as well as the casein.  I just don’t even bother with dairy. 

One of the first things she introduces is egg yolk. After two weeks your inflammation would be down and then once you introduce the egg yolk, if you get a reaction then you know you can’t introduce it. A lot of the time the gut is healed to the point where it actually finds the egg yolk nourishing because once you’ve healed the walls of the gut and the undigested food is no longer going into the body. You don’t get the immune reaction unless of course you’re a coeliac.  So if you don’t get the immune reaction then you don’t have a problem with the food you used to not tolerate. It’s only because the gut is leaking that the food goes into the blood stream and then causes this reaction.

If you react go back to stage 1 and continue on it until the gut heals enough to progress to stage 2. Keep testing the foods. The same applies for each stage.

One of the reasons we have that intolerance nowadays is because everybody eats everything all the time. In days before refrigerators people only ate things that were in season.  A rotational diet is actually a very good thing to do because it and you can do GAPS rotational. I do a GAPS rotational diet.

To learn more about the Rotational Diet read How to Use a Rotation Diet

The GAPS Diet phenomenal it really makes a massive difference. Some people tend to get stuck on one protocol like the Gerson Therapy or Blood Type Protocol. I believe a person has to eat according to what their body needs.  When they full of intolerances, like I was, I thought my body need a chocolate and ate cake all the time.  One thing I’ve never done is drink alcohol; I’ve always hated it fortunately.

Dr Gonzalez uses a Type diet, depending on your ancestry and the state of your nervous system. I am a great believer in this. No one diet fits all. There are many anticancer diets and none of them work for everyone. This is why a nutritionist is like a detective, finding the right diet for each person.

To learn more about the Gerson Therapyread The Gerson Therapy

To learn more about the Blood Type Protocol read Using Metabolic Typing to Tell You What You Should Eat!

You need to get your body back into balance and what people don’t realize is their taste buds change in two weeks. If you can eat a substance for two weeks your taste buds will actually get adapted to it and they’ll actually start liking it.

My husband and I used to love to eat chocolate. Now he does not like anything sweet and I can’t eat a very sweet thing either.  Now if I eat more than a square or two of chocolate I can start feeling nauseas because my whole body has adapted and that is the gluten-free dairy-free raw cacao chocolate.

Marcus: I’ve come down from my sweet tooth as well I lost now all together something like 30 kilos (or 66 pounds) and I feel amazing I’m back surfing and swimming in the ocean and things that I couldn’t do for a long period of time because I was just too heavy and I’m really enjoying it.  I haven’t actually eaten less I eat more but I eat just different that’s it.

Meme: I mean it’s a case of pig out and get thin this is what I found because I had osteoarthritis in my knees I couldn’t work out walk 100 meters without wanting to cry, I couldn’t hold a book with my hands and then I went on this diet while we crossed the ocean and everything so I couldn’t get exercise in the middle of the ocean and I still lost this 40 kilos (or 88 pounds) without trying.

What really convinced my husband is when we went on a four-hour hike through the island of St. Lucia through the rain forest and I could climb up all these mountains with up to any problem in my knees whatsoever and that just converted him instantly and when I went back to South Africa after 18 months my doctor said to me but Meme your fingers aren’t even nobbled any more. I will get a twinge if I accidentally eat something that I shouldn’t.

For example, if I have cashews I get so depressed I can just about jump over the side of the boat.

After the interview Meme wrote her book, Meme Grant’s book, How We Beat Cancer: The Natural Way. She developed quite a few nice lovely recipes, which combines the GAPS with the Ketogenic with alkaline and raw food protocols.

This blog post was based:

1. Meme Grant’s book, How We Beat Cancer: The Natural Way Paperback – May 6 2021

Be sure to read Chapter 2: What We Did.

2. Reversing Disease with the GAPS Diet

Discussion between Meme Grant, GAPS Practitioner, and her client, Marcus Freudenmann.

3. Meme Grant, edited this blog post.

To learn more go to Meme Grant’s

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