Autophagy – Exercise vs. Fasting

What Will Trigger Autophagy (anti-aging) More Exercise Or Fasting?

What is Autophagy is a condition. Autophagy is all about anti-aging. It is the recycling of old worn out cell parts (proteins). When we age we have a deficiency of autophagy. Autophagy is very deficient in chronic disease states. It is very important to know how to trigger this condition.

What Triggers Autophagy? 

It is the suppression of glucose with the increase of ketones. This is why fasting is probably the most potent thing to trigger autophagy.

But, exercise can also trigger autophagy. Exercise forces the body to use up glucose, and it helps increase insulin sensitivity because when you exercise you are lowering insulin.

When insulin becomes too high it knocks you out of autophagy.   

It can be very beneficial to exercise while fasting because you have a compounding effect.

The autophagy that is created when you exercise will only last until the next time you eat. Compared to if you fast for 48 hours, you are getting a massive amount of autophagy.

The Type of Exercise

The type of exercise is very important. The amount of autophagy you are going to get is going to be related to the intensity and the volume of exercise that you do. A real small little workout is not going to create that much autophagy but if you induce a very strong resistant type workout with high intensity with a good amount of volume, which also includes more stress you are going to get more autophagy.

But on the other hand if you do a low intense endurance type workout, for example, going to do a jog or a long walk while you are fasting even though that is not an intense workout that will enhance the autophagy that you are getting while you are fasting.

There will be no autophagy if you do a low intensity workout let us say you go for a walk and then you eat right after.

There are studies with mice on a treadmill for 30 minutes and they found an increase in autophagy from 40 to 50 percent and then when it increased it to 80 minutes there was an increase by a hundred percent.

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This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, Autophagy: Exercise vs. Fasting

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