10 Reasons Why Your Belly Is Not Shrinking On Keto.

.You want your belly to shrink!

But here are the reasons why it might not be:

1. You are not doing keto correctly. You may need to bring your carbs down to fewer than 20 grams per day, along with moderate protein and the right amount of fat.

To learn more, please the blog post, How To Start Keto Correctly – For Beginners

Each body is different and there are reasons why you might not be losing your belly. If your metabolism is really slow or you are going through menopause or you have done many diets in the past, you are going to probably your carbs down to 10 grams per day. That is what it is going to take to counter that slow metabolism.

What should you eat? 

Protein: Moderate amount – between three and six ounces per day.

Carbohydrates: Eat large quantities of vegetables.

Fat – in the very beginning consume more fat to allow yourself to go from one meal to the next. As you start getting into it cut the dietary fat back because you do not want your body to turn the dietary fat into ketones instead of turning your own body fat into ketones (and loose weight).  You want to rely on your own body fat so we want to cut down dietary fats.

2. You are not doing intermittent fasting, which decreases insulin and accelerates your results.

Just doing keto is not going to work because every time you eat you trigger insulin and so by doing intermittent fasting you can greatly accelerate the results and decrease insulin. The combination is really essential. To combine these two you want to start at three meals and then slowly do two meals by pushing your breakfast forward to the point where you are not hungry in the morning and then you want to take your dinner in your lunch and squish them together that would be the ideal scene to the point where you may want to go to one meal a day if your metabolism is really slow and or if you have a slow thyroid.

3. It is working even though you think it is because your weight loss has slowed since you began.

In the beginning of the program a lot of people lose a lot of weight and then all of a sudden they slow down the weight loss and they think it is not working. They used to loose a pound a day and now they go a pound a week and they think it is not working.

On a real healthy person the most you can lose is two pounds a week. On an average person it could be one pound a week. This is normal! It is still working it is just going to take some time. 

The goal is to get healthy then lose the weight. 

Focus on the other indicators like energy, tolerance, sleep, memory, and inflammation – not just the weight loss.

If you are losing even a half a pound a week it is working but it is it is a little slower.

4. You have a fatty liver, which reduces your capacity to make ketones and growth hormones and shed body fat. If your stomach is large, your body will have to rid itself of fat in the liver first before you can lose belly fat. You are going to have to improve this fatty liver.

To learn more please watch Dr. Berg’s video How to Reverse a Fatty Liver.  https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=saved&v=642423206948582

To help take some choline, that is a type of B vitamin, it strips off out of the liver.

Even though your abdomen might not be shrinking your body is still losing fat. It has to get it out of the organs first before it gets rid of the fat that is right underneath your abdomen.

The fat will go off to the liver first and the organs and then the other fat second.

5. You are gaining muscle. If you are a menopausal woman, you may have lost a lot of muscle. Your body needs time to rebuild it.

Menopausal women have a lot of atrophy.  That is loss of muscle it looks just like fat but it is atrophy.  One way to know that is if you are sitting in a chair and you get up and it takes you a lot of work to get up because your thigh muscles are weak, you have atrophy.

Gain the muscle back while you are doing intermittent fasting and keto. Muscle by volume weighs more than fat so you might find no loss of midsection yet you are getting stronger.

It takes a really healthy diet for a good year or two to get these muscles back with exercise so it is not going to happen in a week or two. It is frustrating but you will eventually get it back because atrophy is a pretty serious problem.  Your muscles are basically gone.

6. You are not exercising correctly, or at all. Exercise is not a primary tool for weight loss, but it will increase growth hormone and will tone your muscles. High-intensity exercise is best.

Exercise contributes a most 15% toward weight loss.  The best is high intensity low duration short little bursts of high-intensity full-body exercise.  If you can do sprinting that would be the ideal but some people not have good knees so they have to get on the spin bike or elliptical.  Most people have to just start walking.

7. You are actually bloated from the food you eat. It may be from vegetables or eating too much fat or food allergies.

You may not have enough stomach acid or enough bile from the gallbladder. Food allergies can keep you bloating, if you cannot digest those foods and develop constipation. You cannot lose weight if you have constipation.  Consume foods that you can digest. Green lettuce is probably easier to digest than spinach or other vegetables so modify the type of vegetables that you consume and make sure you have no bloating. You need some help with apple cider vinegar, Betaine hydrochloride or some gallbladder support.

8. You have other health problems such as thyroid issues or other hormonal problems. Focus on remedying other health problems.

These can inhibit your ability to lose weight because as you get healthy sometimes the body will focus on other problems first before losing the weight.  Get rid of all the weak links in your body. For example, you are trying to lose weight it is not working. What is the weakest link in your body? Is it the thyroid? Is it the adrenals? Focus on that then watch what happens to the weight because it is all about getting healthy then losing the weight.

9. It may be your medications. Common ones, which prevent weight loss are statins and antidepressants.

Some medications increase insulin resistance, which increases more insulin. Get with your doctor to find an alternative, find something natural that you can work.  If your blood values are normal and the doctor still has you on medications then find another doctor because you do not want to take medications if you really do not need them.

10.      Stress and lack of sleep can prevent losing belly fat. People tweak their sleep, and they start losing weight.

Dr. Berg has videos on techniques that you can do, things you can do to enhance the sleep, which will then actually greatly help you lose weight.

Here is one video on sleep. Sleep off your belly fat. https://www.facebook.com/135796882846/videos/394788585066582

There are people who fixed their sleep and they started losing weight.

You may not be losing belly fat on keto, see which of these ten reasons apply then correct them.

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, 10 Reasons Why Your Belly Is Not Shrinking On Keto  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofUEHw9PFds

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