Part Two – Extreme Keto for Rapid Fat Burning – Fats & Nutrients

Did you know you actually need fat to lose weight?  It sounds counterintuitive but it is true.

Set your daily intake at 5 % carb, 20 % protein, and 15 % salad or vegetables.

You could have 7 to 10 cups of salad and because it is more fiber rich the calories are a little less than other vegetables.  In the graphic you will see that salad or vegetables would be 15 % of your overall calories. Vegetables have more calories.  If you combine salad and vegetables or have only salad or vegetables you are left with 50 to 70 % of the calories being fat.

If we are comparing a fat calorie to other calories, fat is more than double the calories in carbohydrates or protein.  So realize that even though this is 50 to 70 % we are talking about calorie percentage not grams.

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The point is that most of the meals that you consume that have protein come with fat normally in nature. It is only when we strip the fat off and make things lean that we get into trouble because the leaner the protein the higher the insulin spikes. What we want to do is we want to consume foods that are naturally fatty and a little bit lower in protein.

Pork or bacon is like a 50 to 50 ratio of fat to protein. That is really good.  You might not consume pork; some people consume a lot of bacon that is high quality that does not have all the chemicals it is not processed. Bacon has a lot of Vitamin B1.

Brie cheese has a ratio of fat to protein is like 48 to 38. That is pretty good still high in fat a little lower in protein.

  • Chicken is 26 fat to 44 protein, so chicken is a bit too lean.
  • Egg 18 to 20. It is almost a 50 to 50 ratio.
  • Fish has a 14 to 42. Fish is to lean that is why when you consume like a fish and vegetables you are hungry an hour later.
  • Steak has a 26 to 46 ratio.  Consuming lean steak is not good you want a fatty steak.
  • Lamb has a 36 to 46 ratio. This is a little bit better.
  • Hamburger if you buy 70 % fat, that is 50 fat and 25 protein so that would be perfect.
  • 75 % would give you 40 and then 30 is still okay. But 80 or 90 % protein is not okay. Stick with the fattiest hamburger you can find.
  • Pecan is the best nut because it is the highest fat. It would be great to have right after the meal because it is going to help you go from one meal to the next.
  • Avocado is also really good
  • Butter on your vegetables is really good.

Because we are doing intermittent fasting the goal is to consume enough fat so you can go from one meal to the next comfortably. If you do not you are going to if you have a hard time because you have low blood sugars then you have to realize the next meal you have to have more fat to be able to go longer.

These are some of the best things that you can focus on to get rapid fat burning. With intermittent fasting you slowly transition from three meals a day then down to two meals and then down to one meal.

When you first start this out you have to go out this gradually and as you go down in meals you would be thinking you are hungry but you are not going to be hungry.

Are you hungry really? Watch this video and find out why you may not be.

Still Hungry in the Morning While Fasting and Doing Keto

Why not? Because the fat that your body is eating is now going to be your own fat so you are actually eating other meals here but the meals that you are eating are your gut and your fat around your body.

Because we are trying to go from consuming dietary fat in the beginning the dietary fat is going to be a little bit more and then as your body adapts to fat burning then reduce the dietary fat so are you are basically burning your own fat.

Some people have a tremendous amount of reserve to burn so that is what you are eating so you are just putting your nutrients in and causing your body to burn off its own reserves that is the meal that is why you can consume less fat the longer you go doing this.

 If you are really adapted like two months into it you do not really need as much fat as you do starting out so in the beginning.  But you need a lot of fat in the to be able to go from one meal to the next.

Our goal is to get you to one meal a day. Your fast lasts for 23 hours, or 22 hours if that meal lasts 2 hours.

This will allow you to really spike that growth hormone to the extreme to tap into serious fat loss.

To review your daily meal would include 5% of your calories or 20 grams of carbs or less, 8 or 9 ounces of high quality fatty protein if possible.

Healthy fats, you need more in the beginning and less when you are in ketosis because you are burning your own body fat. You are fat-adapted. You are not hungry anymore and you do not crave anything.

Do high-intensity compound exercise. Gradually go into it. Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups. Start out with your own body weight for a few months, maybe a year and start adding weights.

Having lots of rest in between will maximize growth hormone. Do it twice a week. Spread out sessions. Give yourself a lot of time to recover.

Here are two videos about high-intensity exercise:


Women – Body By Science – Four Machines in the Workout for Women.

Sleep. Dr. Berg offers a sleep aid. Sleep will enhance more growth hormone. Growth hormone is triggered by quality sleep, low carbs and exercise.

Nutrients. To Lower insulin and improve insulin resistance you need more potassium, more Vitamin B1, B5, magnesium and trace minerals. Include apple cider vinegar to improve digestion. See his supplements in the website.

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video Rapid Fat Burning Mini-Course

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