How Long Does it Take to Get into Ketosis After a Cheat Day?

If you have a cheat day you will not just get back into ketosis right away.

Why? Because if it took 2 – 6 weeks to get into ketosis. To get back into ketosis it can between 48 to 72 hours or up to a week.

How long it takes to get back into ketosis depends on these variables:

1. Your metabolism

2. Your age

3. How long have you been in ketosis before the cheat

4. How strict are following your ketosis plan

5. How long you are cheating for.

For example, if you are a 23 years old guy and you are fairly thin you could probably flip back and forth with no problem.

But, if you’re 50 or 60 year old female that has been on diets, it is going to take longer because the metabolism is still not repaired.  

If you cheat just realize it is going to take a long time to get you back into where before the cheat.

Sometimes people will create their own modified ketogenic diet where each day they are eating a little bit of the wrong food.  If they are not eating healthy keto with low carbs they will never get into ketosis.

Metabolism will predict how fast you can get back into ketosis. If your metabolism is good you could probably get back into it fast like the young thin guy.

Another variable is your age.  

Also, how long you have been in ketosis. If you have done this for several years your system is finally efficient and you could probably switch back and do it pretty easy. But if you started last month and you lived your whole life on sugar the cheat could bump you out of ketosis.

The other variable is how you are sticking to ketosis when you are doing it.

Some people say, I had my cheat day and it has been a week and I am not back into ketosis. The problem is you were not fully fat adapted before your cheat day. To keep fat burning and losing weight, do not have a cheat day.

How long are you cheating? Is it the whole day versus one meal that could influence how long it takes to get into ketosis?

If you want to cheat, that cheat should be a healthy pleasure food that you can actually make with healthy keto recipes.  Here is a link to some of those recipes, Recipes Playlist

Here are some Healthy Keto cheat foods. Please see the blog, Ketogenic Diet Plan Food List Cheat Sheet.

But if you just carb out, realize that it’s going to take some time to get back into ketosis.

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video How Long Does it Take to Get into Ketosis After a Cheat Day?

Dr. Berg is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University.

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