Hungry. Why You Cannot Last Three Hours Without Food And What You Can Do About It.

I can’t go longer than three hours before I am starving!  I’m hungry and I need to eat!

What this means is you have a serious blood sugar problem.

An average thin person is carrying around about 100,000 calories of fat on their bodies yet we only have a very small amount of stored sugar.  It’s called glycogen. It’s in the liver and it’s in the muscles.

So we have about only 1700 calories of stored sugar and a tremendous amount of stored fat.  The problem is we’re not able to tap into this fat because we have a blood sugar problem.

You have insulin resistance.  That is a situation where your pancreas is pumping out a lot of insulin and the receptor on the cell won’t receive it because it’s too much.  We don’t get the communication back to the pancreas because the receptor on the cell is blocked.

So then the pancreas just produces more and more and more and more insulin so we have high levels of insulin when we have insulin resistance. It’s that high level of insulin that prevents someone from tapping into the fat.  

What allows you to tap into the fat and make this transition is low levels of insulin. The question is how do you get someone to fast for a longer period of time so they’re not so hungry and craving all the time.  

Here are a few steps to help you:

1. You must rid 100 percent of the sugars and the hidden sugars.

They can be found in fruit such as dates, mango, and especially apples. You can have some berries but not any of the sweeter fruits.

Yogurt has a good amount of sugar in it especially if it’s sweetened. Even the plain has sugar in it.

Juice, the sugar content is equivalent to soda. 

Honey is very similar to regular sugar it will prevent you from tapping in the fat.

Doing the keto program partially doesn’t work. You have to bring the sugars way down in order for you to start running off of your fat.  Then you can go longer because you won’t be hungry and you won’t crave anymore. 

2. No Snacking!

Sometimes people think, I can just have a little snack in between the meal like even if it’s a healthy snack let’s say it’s some nuts or something like that.

What’s going to happen is that little bit of snack is going to make you hungry about an hour to two to three hours later. You’re going to be hungry because eating makes you hungry because it stimulates insulin.  Even if you consume protein it’ll stimulate some degree of insulin and then insulin will push the blood sugars down and you end up with a blood sugar problem.

So no more snacking!

3. Add more fat at the end of the meal. 

If we take a look at a meal the first thing that I like to do is have my vegetable, my salad. Second thing protein, which usually has fat in it. The last thing is maybe some additional fat whether it’s olives, peanut butter or whatever because if you actually add more fat to the meal it’s going to allow you to fast longer. Fasting longer is going to help you transition over burning fat too.

We have a combination of lowering your carbs and sugar and fasting longer. Both of those things will help you drop insulin and everything is going to work really nicely.

The last thing that I would do is add more fiber in the form of vegetable or salad because you can’t digest that fiber.  Your microbes in your gut take care of it for you. They can digest the fiber they turn it into various chemicals that actually help your blood sugars. There’s a chemical called butyrate, which actually comes from a microbe consuming the fiber. That butyrate actually helps insulin resistance and it’s anti-cancer.

If you’re doing keto without a lot of vegetables that could affect the transition, especially if you have a history of blood sugar issues and insulin resistance.

After you do this you’re going to fast longer and a lot of things are going to get better.

But realize this the longer you’ve had a blood sugar problem and insulin resistance the more difficult it’s going to take to make the transition and the longer you’re going to have to do this to see really good amazing results.

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video

Why You Can’t Last Three Hours Without Food And What You Can Do About It

Dr. Berg is a chiropractor, who specializes in Healthy Keto & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University.

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