How To Start Keto Correctly – For Beginners

Your goal is to switch the fuel your body is running from burning sugar to fat fuel.

The hormone insulin determines whether you are going to burn fat or burn sugar. Keep insulin low to burn fat. When it goes higher your body will burn sugar.

To lower insulin lower your carbs and eat less meals, they can be larger meals just not as frequent.

Why, because every time you eat you trigger insulin. Every time you eat carbs you trigger insulin. The goal is to lower your insulin.  The combination of less meals and low carbs is very, very powerful. 

What are you going to eat in a meal?

Most important, cut down all carbs. That includes all sugar such as honey, agave nectar, brown sugar, white sugar, date sugar, etc.

When you go buy food, read the labels, the sugar content should be as close to zero as possible. Here is link to Dr. Berg’s video on sweetners He recommends Erythritol, Stevia and munk fruit.

Avoid fruit except for three berries: raspberries, strawberries and blackberries in small amounts but no other fruit especially apples.

Avoid grains like wheat flour, which is used in breads, pasta, cereal, crackers, and biscuits. A substitute is almond flour. You can make everything from pizza crust to bread.

Avoid starches like potatoes. Cauliflower is a tasty substitute for mashed potatoes or crust for your pizza.

Consume at least seven cups of vegetables. That could be salads or other types of vegetables like bell peppers, cabbage, broccoli, kale, or brussels sprouts. When you are beginner in keto you can carrots, tomatoes and beets as well.

Always consume your vegetables first to make sure you get enough vegetables. Why? Because the protein and fat will fill you up pretty fast.

Vegetables provide two things:

  1. They provide food for your microbes that then help your blood sugars and help give you energy. 
  2. They provide a lot of nutrients like potassium and magnesium and even vitamin C. It is important because we are trying to do keto correctly, meaning healthily.

Moderate protein. That amount could be depending on your size and your metabolism and your age between three and eight ounces. That is a portion that would be close to the size of the palm of your hand. But if you are 18 years old and you work out hard core you are going to need maybe more protein.

To begin keto the type of protein would include different types of meat, fish, chicken, seafood, eggs, and cheese unless you have an allergy or any type of severe gut issue, nuts or nut butters. Make sure to read the ingredients to make sure it does not have added sugar. For example, deli meats have dextrose or extra sugar. Bacon may have extra sugar.

The Best Order of eating.

  • First eat your salad or vegetable.
  • Next eat your protein. Do not to consume lean protein or low fat protein. Consume protein that has more fat.  Why, because it will reduce your insulin levels. When you consume protein that is very low fat and lean like whey protein powder you really increase insulin versus consuming fattier meat, fattier fish or brie cheese, these foods have more fat.

The Keto diet is a higher fat diet when measured in calories because there are more than twice as many calories in one gram of fat as there is in one gram of protein or carbs.

Consume the fat that naturally comes with the protein. You may also add fats like some avocado, or butter to cook your food or melt the butter on your vegetables because veggies have fat-soluble natural chemicals that are good for you like antioxidants, called phytonutrients. Adding olive oil to your salad or butter over your vegetables will help you extract those nutrients. Olives or olive oil is very, very good. Coconut oil is also pretty good.

Many foods are in the half fat category like nuts, cheese, and eggs. If you are starting keto you could add some nuts or cheese after the meal to be more satisfied.

Avoid oils such as soy, corn and canola oil, they are GMO and highly inflammatory. Also avoid cottonseed oil. Be careful about consuming too much sunflower and safflower oil.

To bring insulin down to normal levels combine keto and intermittent fasting (two meals a day).  

There are some basic rules:

1. Do not eat unless you are really hungry. Do not eat when you feel a little hungry but you feel strong, feel fine, your mood is good then push through. Also, do not give into the habit of eating all the time even when you are not hungry, or not feeling full.

Real hunger is when you feel weaker, a little shaky and a little bit more irritable.

2. Ideally you want to skip the breakfast. You can do this gradually by pushing your breakfast later and later and later. Instead have your coffee with a tablespoon of butter and or MCT oil, which will satisfy you and help you greatly in making ketones.

As you are trying to transition into the state of ketosis, in which you are burning fat because ketones are a by-product of burning fat, if you add MCT oil that will give you ketones right away and it will make the transition a little more comfortable especially with your cognitive function. If you did this coffee with this these two fats it is going to be very easy to skip breakfast.

Also note that about 8 am in the morning is when you have this hormonal shift of cortisol that might go up and for a half hour you will feel like I am ready to eat. It is the cortisol. It is a hormonal shift and it can increase your appetite. Just ignore that and push through.

3. Do not snack. Eating stimulates hunger.  If you get the temptation the snack just realize that you did not consume enough fat at the last meal. So for the next meal add more fat so you can go easily from one meal to the next. It is important to add more fat to go longer.  You can drink water, tea, coffee or anything without sugar. You can take your vitamins.

Have your first meal at noon and the second meal at six to give you a six-hour eating window and 18-hour fast. Do not snack and you will see a lot of benefits.

To help please read Fasting: 14 Things To Consume In Order To Make Fasting Easier.

That is the guide for beginners. Healthy Keto emphasizes obtaining your required nutrients from high-quality foods such as organic vegetables, full-fat organic dairy, and wild-caught, grass fed, pasture-raised meat, fish, fowl, and eggs —all with the goal of getting you healthy to lose weight rather than losing weight to get healthy.

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