Growing Muscle on Keto

To grow muscle while doing intermittent fasting and keto you must exercise. Why? It is because the most important stimulus to muscle growth is the intensity of the exercise. 

Before we get into the exercise part. We need to understand the underlying principle. When you do intermittent fasting consistently (two meals a day) and you are adapted to ketosis you will have higher levels of human growth hormone. Human growth hormone doescause the growth of muscle and it also prevents the loss of muscle.

On the opposite spectrum if you are eating frequently through the day and you have insulin resistance and you have blood sugar issues or you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, you are going to have less amino acids going into that muscle. You are going to have more muscle loss. 

To stimulate muscle growth or retention, consume two meals a day. Keep your carbs closer to 50 grams per day, but not over that. Why? We do not want to go too high because we are trying to prevent insulin resistance. 

Make sure that we have enough complete protein for the muscles to choose from. Seven to eight ounces of protein per meal is a good option. Adding more than that will not help you with stimulate muscle growth. It just creates more stress on your kidney and your liver. It can increase your glucose a little bit too much. 

Sufficient sleep is very important because if you are not sleeping you increase the stress and the hormone cortisol breaks down muscle protein.

The following data comes from an interview Dr. Berg had with Dorian Yates. He achieved Mr. Olympia six times. His philosophy on muscle growth makes a lot of sense. 

Dorian Yates starts off with some warm-up sets with some lighter weights.

Next he will do one insanely extremely difficult set of about six to eight reps. 

He will do these reps to total failure and beyond.  He will go as hard as he can and then we can not go anymore he will get someone to spot him and assist him with a few more reps. He goings beyond total failure. 

That is based on this principle of intensity. He is maximizing that workout intensity because what you are trying to do is you are trying to damage the muscle. You are trying to destroy that muscle. 

A Couple Key Points: 

Keep perfect form. 

Do not recruit other muscles. 

Do not create momentum as you are working out.

You are trying to isolate one muscle at a time to maximum failure and beyond.

(This Blogger prefers the support of the weight machines)

To work a muscle doing the bench press for example, you are going to contract the pectoral muscle by pushing out from your body and then you bring it back to your body. Pushing away is concentric movement, which is contraction. When you bring it back to your body you have eccentric movement, which is lengthening. It is actually stronger than the concentric part. 

With someone helping, focus on the concentric part (pushing away from your body) and bring that to failure. This way the muscle is completely and utterly exhausted to the point where you create some serious damage. 

Work that muscle once a week. The key is to let it recover fully. 

A big mistake is to work out when that muscle recovery is incomplete and has not healed.  That is when you create scar tissue and injury.

Allowing your muscle to recover fully is what makes the muscle get bigger. The exercise, the intensity, is the damage of the muscle and then you let it heal and so then the next time you work out you are a little bit stronger and at some point you ensure you reach complete muscle failure gradually increase the weight so that the muscle grows.

Do not go for momentum; you want controlled isolated movement with a pause. For example, when doing a bench press you come all the way to the end you pause and then come all the way back and you come back on the eccentric part slower then you pushed it out.

In summary, do some warm-ups, one intense set per exercise. Dorian may hit that muscle like the pec with maybe three to four to five different exercises but he is only going to do that one intense to total failure and beyond once per week.

For details get one of his books.

He works out one hour per day only four times a week. On the off days he does cardio, which actually helps the recovery.

Do not jump into this right away because you can hurt yourself.  Go into this very gradual probably hire a personal trainer to help you. Over a period of weeks build up to this intense total failure and beyond a set.

If you combine this with your keto intermittent fasting, keep your stress low, good sleep you are going to be able to get muscle hypertrophy. 

To have muscle growth, you have to work out intensely to create the damage and the soreness and then you have to recover completely. It might take 2 to 3 weeks to see muscle strength if you are just starting.

This Blogger follows Dr. Doug McGuff. His method is very similar. It is explained in detail in his book Body By Science.

This Post was condensed from Dr. Berg’s Post Growing Muscle on Keto

Dr. Berg is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals.He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. 

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