How Much Of Your Health Or Disease Is Genetic?

I was born with bad genes. There is nothing I can do. That is absolutely not true!


Only 5-10% of disease is caused by a genetic defect that has been passed on by your parents.  It does not mean that you’re going to get that disease.

Thomas Seyfried, the expert in cancer, wrote a book, Cancer As A Metabolic Disease. He says when you see tumors in cancers you do see a lot of genetic mutations but those mutations, those alterations in genes are downstream.

They are symptoms NOT causes of the cancer.

They are symptoms of the damage in the mitochondria, the machinery where you are burning fuel. That is the first thing that gets damaged and then the mitochondria adapts to a different metabolism called fermentation.

Because the mitochondria has its own DNA and they are not protected like the DNA in the nucleus because they are outside the nucleus they are very susceptible to mutations and alterations in the DNA. That is probably one of the reasons why you see so many gene mutations in tumors and cancer.

Most gene mutations are not inherited; they are somatic mutations. Somatic mutations mean it is not inherited, but caused by your environment. 

To understand this further, epigenetics is an important term. It means above genetics.

Epigenetics explained:

 • Genes are small sections of the DNA.

 • DNA is the blueprint for building a body.

The DNA and genes can be compared to a CD with a playlist in a certain order. But, you need someone to play the CD – that is what epigenetics does.

The DNA or gene is not set in stone. Just because you have certain genetics does not mean anything. It is really the epigenetics.

You are in charge of your DNA. You can do something about your genes, and it has to do with the epigenetic triggers. These environmental triggers turn on or off the genes.

Epigenetics triggers:

 • What you eat (the nutrients in the food)

 • When you eat (fasting)

 • Cold/Heat

 • Stress

 • Sleep

 • Exercise

 • Mood

 • Age

90-95% of your health and whether you get a disease is epigenetics.  You can select what you want to activate and control.

Another import term is Exposome.  Exposome is the accumulation of all the exposures of an individual in a lifetime and how those exposures relate to health.

We are talking about the exposure to your environment, which started when you were still in the womb. You were exposed to what your mother ate and the stress that she experienced.

Everything adds up and can trigger certain genes, which leads to certain diseases. With epigenetics we include:

• Environmental factors

• Stress

• Social experiences as a child

• Nutrition

Nutrition is very important because what you eat and what you do not eat because if you are deficient in certain nutrients. It makes you very, very susceptible to getting all sorts of diseases.

Another huge factor that is equivalent to your environment with epigenetics is your attitude and your mental state, how you view things, how you deal with life. Are you in fear all the time and worried about things versus do you have a relaxed mental attitude about it.

Your genes have a lot less to do with your health and you do have the ability to control your genes way more than you think.

Do not accept the concept that everything is genetic and you are predestined to certain diseases. That is not true. You can control your health with your lifestyle and your attitude.

You are not predestined to have certain genetic diseases or genetic disorders. 

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  1. How Much of Your Disease and Health is Genetic?
  2. What is Epigenetics In Simple Terms

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