Fasting: 14 Things To Consume In Order To Make Fasting Easier.

When you do fasting, anything that you are consuming other than water is going to break your fast to some degree but these are the items that will have a very minor effect on your ability to get right back into fasting. 

The biggest thing that will break your fast is refined carbohydrates or sugar – the high carbohydrate diet.  

Protein also has the ability to break your fast because protein can stimulate insulin. This is why if you are doing fasting and you work out and you take some branched chain amino acids right before the workout you will break your fast. Other things that will break your fast because they increase insulin are collagen or bone broth. 

The two things that do not seem to have that much effect on insulin are fats and fiber. Fiber has a zero effect on insulin. For example, when you are consuming leafy greens that are very high in fiber, low in sugar that will have a very minimal effect on insulin. 

Anything of any significant quantity of calories can stimulate insulin to a certain degree. There are some things that you could consume that will have a minimal effect on your ability to stay in ketosis and do your fast.

  1. MCT oil.It is very good especially when you are starting your fast.  It is good in your coffee because MCT oil will turn into ketones very fast and then your brain can run on the ketones. Your heart can run on the ketones. You can use these ketones as energy and MCT oil will allow you to go longer without getting hungry.
  2.  Coffee. Coffee does not break the fast very much as long as you do not put sugar in it. You can add a sweetener like a little erythritol, stevia or a monk fruit. A little bit of whole cream will have a very minor effect. Coffee can help you fast longer and it can reduce hunger.
  3. Exogenous ketones.Another name is ketone salts. If you are fasting and you feel tired or you have brain fog you can take ketones and they go into your blood and then your brain will pick it up because if the brain has a choice between glucose or ketones it will always pick ketones. But if your body has not fat-adapted yet and you have not generated ketones you can end up with low blood sugar and you might feel tired. But if you provide the ketones for the brain it will use them for brain energy. This could help you feel better while you are fasting especially if you experience brain fatigue or lethargy.
  4. Tea.Drinking tea can greatly help you fast longer because of the phytonutrients in the herbs that make up the tea.
  5. Electrolytes.The trace minerals and electrolytes will actually help your blood sugars and help your energy of your muscles. It makes it easier to do fasting.  They have only a few calories unless you are getting the wrong type of electrolytes that has glucose. 
  6. Probiotics.Probiotics are healthy bacteria that it can help stabilize blood sugars.
  7. B Vitamins.B vitamins will help insulin resistance. It will give you energy. These B vitamins are needed at the cellular level especially when you are doing fasting or ketosis.
  8. Apple cider vinegar.It has a great effect on your blood sugars and it can allow you to go a lot longer without eating. Find one with two grams of sugar. But even two grams could be too much for some people. It really depends on your metabolism. It has a good probiotic and a good acid to help you fast longer especially at night. It can be a replacement for beer or wine or champagne as it has a similar texture and carbonation. (Add 1 ounce to 8 ounces of water.)
  9. Fibre.Fiber does not stimulate insulin. It is food for your microbes and the microbes actually make butyric acid, which is in the family of ketone and that can help stabilize your blood sugars and improve insulin resistance. Take a concentrated green fiber or a wheatgrass juice powder for the nutrients.
  10. Erythritol.You can put it in your tea or coffee. Erythritol has a zero effect on the glycemic index. It gets absorbed in the small intestine and it gets in the blood and it gets pushed out the kidneys unchanged. Erythritol, stevia or monk fruit sweeteners have little effect on your blood sugar.
  11. Lemon juice.There is a little bit of carb in lemon juice but a little lemon juice in your water is totally fine. It will not break your fast for more than a minute. It can actually help reduce the risk of kidney stones, gout or high levels of uric acid. (Put 1 ounce of juice in 8 ounces of water.)
  12.  Amino acid blend.Protein in general will stimulate insulin but there are certain blends of amino acids like the keto essential amino acids that do not provide fuel for the body but are mainly for recovery. Take a straight amino acid blend right after you workout. It will not to give you an insulin spike. (See note below.)
  13.  Sea salt.This is very, very important. I recommend Himalayan pink sea salt. Sea salt actually can make you feel stronger your muscles it can help with your energy level because if you are deficient in salt you can have like the keto flu or a keto fatigue so salt could give you more energy.
  14.  Water.  Drink about 2 and 2.5 litres per day. If you do not and you are a kidney stone former, you may find that your uric acid goes up and potentially you could form a uric acid stone. If you are drinking enough water, you are going to pretty much dilute the urine so you are not going to form a kidney stone.

When you are fasting may get a fluctuation in hormones causing a little bit of hunger at certain points especially in the morning at 8 o’clock when you have a little spike of cortisol and you might feel like you need to eat. If you just ignore that transient hunger that will go away in most cases. If it persists then go ahead and eat but if you are going through a little wave of hunger and it goes away, it is just a hormonal flux and you just push through it.

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