Common Mistakes With Intermittent Fasting That Stop Weight Loss.

Common Mistakes With Intermittent Fasting That Stop Weight Loss.

Common Mistakes With Intermittent Fasting That Stop Weight Loss.

1. You have been doing the Standard American Dietfor years and you jump into fasting without giving your body at least 3 days to be fat adapted.  
Why is this an issue? Because you are fasting with a blood sugar issue and if you go straight to one meal a day, you will have severe hunger with blood sugar problems, dizziness, light-headedness, grouchiness, extreme irritability, brain fog and cravings for sweets.
If you have those symptoms try one of the following: add another meal, more fat, add some bone broth for the electrolytes to try to speed up the healing of the insulin dysfunction. 
Hunger is one of the best indications.If you can go from one meal to the next and you can fast and you feel good and you have energy, you might have a little hunger and you do not have the other issues mentioned above, then it is working. 
Do not change it if it is working.Some people think now that I am losing weight I can pretty much eat what I want so then they go off the program. 
The next thing you know they are ten pounds overweight and they wonder what happened? Go back to the original formula and keep it consistent. 
2. You are eating too many carbs without realizing it.You did not realize that fruits, rice and sweet potato are carbohydrates. 
A little bit a carbs will knock you out of ketosis (fat-burning) for 2 to 3 days. It takes a while to get into ketosis and it just takes a little bit of carbs to knock you out of ketosis. 
If you are doing this a couple of times a week it could be the reason why you are not seeing any results.
To count carbs, fat and protein this Blogger uses the free version of Carb Manager.
3. You are on the 5 – 2 plan.You are eating whatever you want for five days and for two days you bring your calories down to 500 per day. 
The problem is that there is not enough time to adapt to the state of ketosis (fat-burning). You will be struggling and you are not going to be comfortable and you will cheat. You will say, this is not right for me and give up.
4. You are Fasting but when you are eating you are not eating enough to provide enough nutrients. 
If you are eating too few calories, usually you are not getting enough nutrients. You have to increase the density of the nutrients in your food or enhance it with other supplements. At first nothing will happen but weeks later, when you have used up your body’s stored nutrients, you will notice your hair is falling out, your teeth are loose and you have bleeding gums, etc. Make sure your food is nutrient dense.
Eat a lot of vegetables.If you are doing two meals a day, eat two big salads or a bunch of vegetables. Why? First, because they will keep any waste and fat that is being burned going through the liver. 
Second, you want the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables or else you are going to actually start building up unwanted acids maybe even uric acid crystals. 
5. Consuming low quality ingredients.If you are fasting and when you do eat you are consuming a powered soy protein isolate mixture, or other low quality ingredients you will not look healthy.
6. You are not consuming enough potassium, B vitamins and trace minerals to fulfil your body’s requirements.
When you are fasting all sorts of genes kick in, anti-aging genes, genes that help reduce inflammation and genes that help regrow brain tissue. 
If you do not have a reserve of nutrients and you are eating you are eating regular foods, you may end up being deficient and run into issues such as heart palpitations and hair falling out.
7. If you are vegan and doing keto make sure you take B12, DHA, zinc and ironbecause you are not going to get these are less you consume animal products.
8. You are doing intermittent fasting and when you eat you are doing keto but you are eating low fat.If you keep your fat and carbs low, the only thing that can go up is protein. Too much protein can create problems as well.
To learn more about how much protein is enough, please see my Blog, How Much Protein Do You Need In Nutritional Ketosis
When you cut fats, you cut out soluble vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and all sorts of essential nutrients.
This Blog Post has been condensed from two of Dr. Berg’s Posts:
1. Mistakes You Can Make With Intermittent Fasting That Can Ruin Your Results.
2. The 3 big intermittent fasting mistakes.
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