Plateaued. Want To Loose More Weight?

Dr. Berg explains why you may have stalled. To loose weight, you need to lower your insulin to a healthy level. To do so you need to eat two times a day. Eat enough fat so you can maintain hunger between meals. No Snacks.

Insulin Resistance:

Every time you eat you spike insulin.  As a result the person has a high level of insulin in their blood even in a fasting state.  When tested the blood sugars usually are normal because the high levels of insulin will keep the blood sugars down right so it won’t go up but they have severe insulin resistance. 

The goal is to get healthy insulin.

Commit To Both:

If you do keto without Intermittent Fasting it won’t work.

It you do Intermittent Fasting (eating 2 meals a day) without keto it won’t work.


  • No cheat days because it is going to throw you off for several days.
  • Start with three meals a day. No snacks. To be able to go from one meal to the next you need more fat because it is more satisfying.
  • You need more salad and greens to give you potassium to heal insulin resistance and speed things up.

What happens when you go from eating three meals to two meals is you are doing Keto-adaptation, you’re adapting to burning your own body fat. In that process you’re usually going to need more of certain nutrients. You’re going to need more potassium and b1. 

Dr. Berg recommends electrolyte powder or potassium citrate that is in it or nutritional yeast that will speed things up and so you won’t get the side effects.

This Blogger suggests that you look at the ingredients in each of these. Then decide if you want to order them through Dr. Berg or find an equivalent with the exact same ingredients. Avoid synthetic ingredients because your body can not absorb them or use them.

Two Meals A Day:  Each day push your breakfast to later until you only have two meals a day. Remember no snacks. 

If you still have cravings, if you’re still very hungry between the meals, you’re not fully adapted. So you need to cut your carbs lower, there may be some hidden carbs you are eating. Or you are not consuming enough greens.

Another reason you are still hungry is that your protein is off a little bit.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

If you’re doing three meals you are eating about four ounces of protein per meal. If you’re doing two meals you are eating about five ounces of protein per meal. If doing one meal it’s about eight ounces of protein per meal. 

Dr. Berg recommends using this range in the beginning when you are doing three meals a day, you are doing more fat and you’re trying to get your body in fat-burning. 

The goal is really to get your body to burn its own fat. If there’s too much dietary fat available in the diet body’s not going to necessarily go after your body fat reserve. It will go after the dietary fat.

Increase or decrease your protein depending on how you feel as well.  Some days you will just know if you had enough protein for the day or you know that you will need a little more protein. 

As we consume less food eating 2 meals or one meal per day, the amount of protein per day is going to decrease because your body is going adapt to conserving proteins.  Your body will conserve retain more nutrients and you are not going to need as much food. Be assured, you will not become nutritionally deficient. 

Do You Have These Protein Deficiency Symptoms?

As you go to two meals and one meal lower the amount of extra of fat. If you want to lose weight cut down the amount of fat not by consuming lean protein but by not adding add more fat into the meal. Just eat the fat within the protein. Too much fat can slow down your progress. 

What determines whether you go to two meals to one meal has to do with your goal. Do you want to lose more weight? 

If yes, but my metabolism is slow and you are not loosing weight at two meals just go to one meal. That is going to really speed things up the healing your insulin resistance and you are going to see a lot more progress. Why? Because you are up against years of a sluggish metabolism and hormonal issues. If you have a slow metabolism go to one meal a day. 

Start focusing on reducing your stress by taking the nutrients mentioned above, try acupressure to release stress, go for long walks, change your environment, increase your sleep which will help you absorb nutrients and add more exercise. These are all things are going to speed up weight loss.

To learn more about relieving stress, read How to Relieve Stress by Dr. Berg

Look for other body issues that you have that you can improve. For example if you have a thyroid issue or a polycystic ovarian syndrome or really bad cycles or inflammatory conditions or constipation, then fix the weak link and that will actually speed things up. Dr. Berg has a Facebook page that has videos that explain how to improve many illnesses without medications. 

This is an overall chart that Dr. Berg used in the video below.

This Post has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, Weight Loss Plateau 101 for a Slow Metabolism

Dr. Berg is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals.He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. 

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