CARB MANAGER is the Most Comprehensive and Easiest-to-use Net and Total Carb Counter

CARB MANAGER is the most comprehensive and easiest-to-use net and total carb counter.

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But that’s not all. Keep a daily log of nutrition and fitness, use the calculator to set your net macros and weight loss goals, and get detailed nutrition information about your logged data when you need it. Use the app to visualize your macros every day to stay on track.

In this video, they show you how set up your Carb Manager account, choose your macros goals, set weight loss goals, and start tracking carbs like a pro.

For your convenience, you can follow with the Transcripts option, by clicking the tree dots.

You’ll also learn how to access all of Carb Manager’s resources that are included with the FREE membership, like the support center, support team, “learn about Keto” articles, premium meal plans, and more.

Available as an App for your mobile, tablet or on the web by pasting this link into your address bar

Use Carb Manager to:

  • Keep a daily log of your diet to know exactly what you are eating
  • Set your net carbs, macros, and weight loss goals with our calculator
  • Search 1M+ foods with macros and carb counts, including net carbs and sugar alcohols
  • Use the lightening-fast search engine, or scan a product barcode for instant lookup
  • Quickly record your water intake — hydration is vital
  • Exercise matters! Pick from 100s of common exercises or create your own
  • Track your weight and BMI with beautiful charts
  • View detailed nutrition info for each day and food, including total carbs, net carbs, fat, calories, protein, and more
  • Visualize your macros each day
  • Create custom foods and recipes

Set up your Carb Manager by going to Getting Started.

Select the following:

  • Show progress on the wheel.
  • Track my macros
  • Select net carbs and nottotal carbs
  • Select Energy Units in calories
  • You can connect it with your Fitbit if you do have one.

Still under Getting Started in my Profile:

  • Enter in your demographics:
  • For example: Female, Birthdate, Height and weight. You can update your current weight here.
  • Enter how active you are

Under Goal:

Be sure to select “I’d like help calculating my goals” not “I know my goals already”. It is not recommended that you choose more than 1.5 pounds per week.

Next choose Custom.

Place your finger on the dotted line and drag it to select:

Fat 70% for fat

Protein 20%

Carbohydrates 10%

Click apply

Now enter your meal.

Go to Daily Log.

Example for breakfast, go to common foods, type in Egg.

You can also add Branded purchased products, with the Search function in Foods.

If there is a food you’re going to be eating on a regular basis, you can do is click the three dots at the very top and then you can select add to your Favorites.

To access your Favorites, go to Quick Find. There you can also add foods in the Recently Viewed and Frequent lists.


To create a recipe, go to recipe, enter give it a title.

  • Then determine how many serving sizes
  • Add in your ingredients.
  • Then save.

It shows you the net breakdown for one serving of the recipe.

When you have completed entering the meal go to In Depth to see the actual breakdown.

You can copy the same food to other days. Simply click the breakfast tab then click the three dots select copy and then add it to a new day.

The sample day is shown below.

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Carb Manager clearly shows how many carbs you’ve consumed in a given day relative to any other macros you’ve consumed.

See that the Wheel is partially highlighted on the fat.

I met the daily protein goal and went over on the net carbohydrates.

Go to In Depth to see the pie chart.


To track progress, go to My Measurements.

You may want to check out Carb Manager Premium but the Free Basic App is all I need.

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