The Key to Long Term Weight Loss

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Overweight people have insulin resistance. And they have higher insulin, which is 5 to 7 times normal. Did you know the people with the type-two diabetes have nine times as the amount of insulin as normal people?

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Insulin is the hormone that blocks fat burning but it keeps your appetite high.

If you’re not going to be burning fat you’re going to be burning glucose/ sugar. The problem is we only have about 1700 calories stored glycogen or sugar but you have 100,000 calories of a fat. That’s on a thin person so if you were overweight you will have more than 100,000 calories sitting on your body.

Many people never tap into the fat and are running on the glycogen because they have way too much insulin that keeps him hungry all the time.

So you’re hungry and you can’t lose weight. What are you going to do?

The most important thing is lower the insulin and fix insulin resistance. But to do that we have to understand what insulin resistance is.

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One function of insulin is to unlock the door on the cell to allow glucose into feed the cells. It also allows amino acids to enter the cell. It also allows nutrients to go into the cell like potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, B1, chromium and a lot of other minerals and nutrients.

If you have insulin resistance you are not going allow the nutrition or the fuel to go into the cell. You’re not going to feel satisfied.

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If your having a hard time all that means is you have insulin resistance and you have to fix it. When you drop your carbs, going keto and doing intermittent fasting your insulin is going to go down and your body is going to start to tap into your fat reserves. It can take up to 14 days to be 80% in ketosis. During this time you will be less and less hungry. This may take a lot longer depending on how much insulin resistance you have. This is especially true if you are a diabetic or if you were a diabetic.

Your main target should not be weight loss initially it should be to fix the insulin resistance.

The way that you know insulin resistance is being improved is because your appetite goes down.

There are a few things to do to speed up the progress. One thing is to start taking MCT oil. The advantage to that is if you’re not totally in ketosis you can go to 100% ketosis pretty fast.

You may not lose weight because your body is using the MCT oil as fuel and not your fat reserves. But initially that’s OK because our goal is not to weight loss, it is to fix insulin resistance in order to loose weight and maintain a healthy and slimmer body long-term.

We want to fix insulin resistance and then loose weight.

To feel satisfied consume MCT oil or fat and get your nutrients from eating enough vegetables with your meal.

These nutrients will satisfy you just as much as the fat will satisfy you.

In the beginning you may have to take supplements like electrolytes, B vitamins and other nutrients because you still have insulin resistance and these nutrients can’t get into the cell. As you correct insulin resistance you’ll be able to absorb more and more nutrients and the need for taking them will decrease.

If you’re not bringing your carbs down to 20 to 50 g, preferably 20 g or less, those carbs will definitely keep the insulin to high and stop the fat from being burned.

First fix the insulin resistance and you will loose weight naturally.

To fix the insulin resistance and then loose weight, reduce your carbs, and add in healthy fats until your appetite is reduced and then reduce the added fat and start to burn your own fat reserves.

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