Corona Virus: A Compromised Immune Systems Can’t Destroy Viruses.

How does an immune system get compromised?

Dr. Natasha McBride says, it has a lot to do with the state of the patient’s epithelial surface of the digestive system.

Approximately 88 percent of our body’s immunity is found in the lining of our gastrointestinal (GI) system.

The immune system is there is to stop invaders from moving out of the digestive tract into the body. Over time, without the beneficial bacteria and proper balance in the gut, toxins, opportunistic bacteria, and parasites chisel away at the physical barrier wall and can create “leaky gut”. Once there is an opening in the wall lining, pathogens escape from the GI, travel through the bloodstream, penetrate the blood–brain barrier, and wreak havoc on the specific functions of our cells, causing diseases.

Pathogens are shown as grey dots in the image below.

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Essential or beneficial bacteria in our digestive system engage a very important member of the immune system – the lymphoid tissue of the gut wall. As a result, a healthy gut wall is literally infiltrated with lymphocytes, ready to protect the body from any invader. Scientific research shows that in people with damaged gut flora there are far fewer lymphocytes in the gut wall, which leaves a poorly protected.

The most important immunoglobulin in the gut is produced by lymphocytes in all mucous membranes in the body and secreted in body fluids. It is found in breathing passages, nose, throat, bladder, your urethra, vagina, saliva, tears, sweat, colostrum, breast milk and of course the mucous membranes of the digestive system and it’s secretions. Its job is to protect mucous membranes by destroying and in activating invading bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

People with abnormal gut flora can’t destroy viruses, bacteria and other invaders.

Millions of children and adults around the world are exposed to viruses if these people have well functioning gut flora then these viruses do them no harm.

When the gut the flora is damaged the whole immune system in the body gets out of balance. This process makes the person immune-compromised.

What causes a healthy gut to become imbalanced?

Poor diet, antibiotic use, low digestive enzymes, alkalinity, acidity, chemical toxins, environmental toxins, radiation, blood sugar irregularity, stress, and pregnancy- and birth-inherited gut imbalances.

A healthy gut has an approximate ratio of 8:2 of beneficial bacteria to opportunistic bacteria. The beneficial bacteria feed on certain types of opportunistic fungi (candida and the like), create an internal wall of defence against pathogens escaping the intestine, and help digest foods to be transformed into energy.

When the proper ratio is out of balance, the beneficial bacteria can no longer protect the walls of the gut. Pathogens, including opportunistic bacteria, wear down the enterocytes and break through the intestinal lining. Having escaped the gastrointestinal system, the pathogens now enter the bloodstream as antigens. There they create an autoimmune response, attack cells, break through the blood–brain barrier, and create an environment conducive to disease.

What can damage our gut flora?

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These are the foods we avoid, because the human digestive system has not been designed to digest them well, and we get virtually no useful nutrition from them. Please see the list of Foods to avoid below.

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Please see the list of Recommended foods below.

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Please see the list of Natural fats below.

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Learn more about Healing your gut with the GAPS diet.

This information came from two sources:

  1. The Heal Your Gut Cookbook
  2. Gut and Psychology Syndrome

COVID 19: Dr. McBride talks about how to deal with the Corona Virus/ Covid 19 in her blog

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