Cancer Part One: Thomas N. Seyfried Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry discusses his latest research in treating and preventing cancer.

I would like to dedicate this Post to friends who lost their battle with cancer. This is for you Anne and Holly.

In this first PostThomas N. Seyfried Ph.D., in his down-to-earth no nonsense style,discusses his latest cancer research. Learn more about Dr. Seyfried in his Blog

 Source: A Novel Therapeutic Strategy For Metabolic Management of Cancer

Thomas N. Seyfried received his Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry from the University of Illinois, Urbana, in 1976. He did his undergraduate work at the University of New England, where he recently received the distinguished Alumni Achievement Award. He also holds a Master’s degree in Genetics from Illinois State University. Thomas Seyfried served with distinction in the United States Army’s First Cavalry Division during the Vietnam War and received numerous medals and commendations. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Neurology at the Yale University School of Medicine and then served on the faculty as an Assistant Professor in Neurology.

In his presentation, “A Novel Therapeutic Strategy For The Metabolic Management Of Cancer”, he discusses his latest research in treating and preventing cancer. In addition to his research on the ketogenic diet, he adds a new component, which adds drugs and procedures that create both chronic and intermittent acute stress on tumor cell energy metabolism, while protecting and enhancing the energy metabolism of normal cells. He calls this the “press- pulse” therapeutic strategy for cancer management is an approach, which includes the calorie restricted ketogenic diets used together with drugs and procedures.

A shift from respiration to fermentation is a common metabolic hallmark of cancer cells.  As a result, glucose and glutamine become the prime fuels for driving the dysregulated growth of tumors. Press disturbances produce chronic stress, while pulse disturbances produce acute stress on populations. It was only when both disturbances coincide that population reduction occurred.

Blog Mar. 1 -  Fig.1 Cell nucleus.png

This general concept can be applied to the management of cancer by creating chronic metabolic stresses on tumor cell energy metabolism (press disturbance) that are coupled to a series of acute metabolic stressors that restrict glucose and glutamine availability while also stimulating cancer-specific oxidative stress (pulse disturbances), elevation of non- fermentable ketone bodies protect normal cells from energy stress while further enhancing energy stress in tumor cells that lack the metabolic exibility to use ketones as an efficient energy source.

Mitochondrial abnormalities and genetic mutations make tumor cells vulnerable metabolic stress. Optimization of dosing, timing, and scheduling of the press-pulse therapeutic strategy will facilitate the eradication of tumor cells with minimal patient toxicity. This therapeutic strategy can be used as a framework for the design of clinical trials for the non-toxic management of most cancers.

This video Post is the first of 2 parts. The second is Dr. Seyfried’s scientific paper with the 243 supporting studies.

For those who are suffering with or know someone who is suffering with cancer, my hope is that you watch the video and then present the video and the paper to the attending doctor.

Your knowledge may help the doctor consider this approach that uses food and no radiation or chemotherapy. To help you there are Definitions and Abbreviationsat the end of this post. 

Part Two is in the next Post: Nuclear Transfer Experiments disproved the gene theory of cancer

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