How Did I Get Gut Issues?

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This Post is a continuation of the last post, which was: Our gut holds the roots of our health, with sick roots we will not to thrive.

In that Post we learned about the 3 types of Micro-flora in our gut:

  1. Essential or beneficial (friendly) flora.
  2. Opportunistic flora.
  3. Transitional flora.

The Post ended with how the opportunistic flora damage the gut wall if the beneficial (friendly) flora is weakened.

Here is the link to that Post: Our gut holds the roots of our health, with sick roots we will not to thrive.

We start off this Post with understanding how this situation could get worse.

The situation gets worse because without well functioning gut flora the gut wall becomes malnourished. That lack of nourishment damages of the digestive wall structure, which would further impair its ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

The absorptive surface of intestines has a structure of finger like protrusions called villi, and deep crypts between them. A thin layer of cells (enterocytes) make up lining of the gut (epithelium), coat the villi, they are the very cells that complete the digestive process and absorb the nutrients from the food. They are born in the crypts and travel to the top of the villi, where they get shed off. This way the cells of this thin layer of the intestine gets constantly renewed to ensure its ability to do its work well.

In a human body the absence of good bacteria always coincides with bad bacteria getting out of control. With weaken beneficial flora, the whole structure of the gut changes, starting process of developing diseases. The villi degenerate and become unable to digest food properly, leading to malabsorption, nutritional deficiencies and food in tolerances.

Nourishment of the body.

Everybody knows that the main purpose of having a digestive system is to be able to digest and absorb food. A good example is that digestion of milk and wheat proteins, which happens in two stages. The first stage occurs in the stomach where, under the influence of digestive juices produced by the stomach walls, milk and wheat protein to get split into peptides called caso-morphines (milk) and gluteomorphines or gliadinomorphines (wheat).

It is a normal process and it happens to all of us. Then these peptides move to the small intestine where the next stage of their digestion happens. They get subjected to pancreatic juices and then reach the intestinal wall where they are broken down by enzymes, on the microvilli of the enterocytes. This is the stage, which is missing in people with abnormal gut flora because of the poor state of their enterocytes.

As a result casomorphines (milk protein) and gluteomorphines (wheat protein) get absorbed into the bloodstream unchanged and cause problems in the body, particularly with the brain function and immune system function.

A well-balanced gut flora has an ability to digest proteins, ferment carbohydrates and breakdown lipids and fibre. By-products of bacterial activity in the gut are very important in transporting minerals, vitamins, water, gases and many other nutrients through the gut wall into the bloodstream. If the gut flora is damaged, the best foods and supplements in the world may not have a good chance of being broken down and absorbed.

I was particularly interested in this Post because since I was weaned I could not drink milk and I get nauseous when I eat wheat. I learned I was not alone.

The next Post will talk about fiber, latose, vitamin absorption and more.

Come back next week for:

Did you know that fiber can not be digested by a human gut at all without the help of beneficial bacteria?

Source: Gut and Psychology Syndrome

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