GAPS Part 3: Getting In Touch With The Body’s Wisdom. How Modern Foods Pervert the senses.

Dr. McBride says, we live in a world of huge amounts of nutritional information.

The following is a condensed transcript captured from the video.

She goes on to say, people are confused. What you have to understand is that your own body has been designed by nature through billions of years.

Your body is infinitely wiser and cleverer (than modern science) and it knows what it needs.

Mother Nature gave us senses. It gave us a desire for food. It gave us a sense of taste and a sense of smell, a sense of satisfaction from food. Mother Nature knows and your body knows the composition of foods on this planet.

So your body knows, at every moment of you life, what it needs and what composition of nutrients it needs right now. And it will give you a desire for food that has that exactly composition. So whenever you are ready to eat, just ask yourself a simple question: what would I love to eat right now?  And it will pop into your head immediately. You would know what you want to eat.

But before eating it, smell it first, taste it first. It would smell divine to you and it would taste divine to you, because that is what your body wants. And when you have eaten it, you will a satisfaction because that what your body will say, Ahhh, because I got what I wanted.

A couple of hours later your metabolism will change, … you will love to eat something else, because that food would feed your metabolism much better at that moment in life.

So it is important to listen to our senses and to develop them. The trouble is people disconnected themselves from their senses.

And they try to dictate to their body from their mind, because they have read some article somewhere, or they have seen the food pyramid or because they talked to some expert.

The trouble is that because people got disconnected from their senses quite a lot. The senses were perverted a little bit.

Take for example, a sense of smell, because people use so many synthetic odors now, all your washing powders and your perfumes and the air fresheners and all sorts of other smelly chemicals. They can alter your sense of smell because you got only so many receptors in your nose to smell.

And if you are using constantly a particular chemical, for example, if you are using a particularly scented laundry detergent, you are wearing the clothes all day long. You are sleeping on the bed smelling of the same thing. You are using the towels, which smells of the same thing, your receptors in your nose get all occupied by that particular chemical, so new potions of chemicals coming in, you don’t smell anymore.

You don’t realize how your clothes smell; you don’t realize how your bedding smells. And when you try to smell food you can’t smell it anymore because your receptors in your nose are occupied.

So it is very important to clear your environment of smelly things, particularly unnatural smells: chemicals smells, laundry detergent smells, and air fresheners and perfumes and deodorants and all sorts of other smelly things.

And it will take a week or two for your receptors in the nose to clean themselves up and then your sense of smell will return. It will serve you very nicely the way it is supposed to. And the way it was designed to in the choice of foods.

It is the same with the sense of taste. Processed foods have got chemicals added to them deliberately to make them addictive. There is a whole industry, within the food industry, which manufacturers addictive chemicals, because the manufacturers of food want you to get addicted to what they produce, to processed foods. And they alter your sense of taste in the mouth.

So when you stop eating processed foods your sense of taste returns.Return to eating only the food that Mother Nature provides, your true sense of taste will return. And it becomes the real true sense of taste that you are suppose to have.

There is an article that I have written on this subject called, “One Man’s Meat Is Another Man’s Poison”. And it is on my blog on the Internet called,

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Part 3: GAPS Getting In Touch With The Body’s Wisdom. How Modern Foods Pervert the senses. The full transcript was not published, I typed it up. Please email me if you would like a copy.

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