GAPS: Heal yourself with natural means.

In this video Dr. Natasha explains when you should see a mainstream doctor and how the body can kick-start its own healing process for many degenerative diseases – even when things seem hopeless. (This video is Part 2 of 3 videos.)

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GAPS Pt. 2: Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride

INTERVIEWER: I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many medical issues explained so clearly and a connection made so clearly as I did yesterday in your session. Why don’t we hear more?

Please see last week’s 2healthyhabits post for Part 1:

DR. NATASHA MCBRIDE:  Well mainstream medicine has its own priorities in its own aims, which can be very different from what the individual might want.

Mainstream medicine has its place in healing. There are all sorts of forms of healing. Mainstream medicine has its place. If you got run over by a car for example, you don’t want to be taken to a homeopath or to nutritionists. You need mainstream medicine and fast.

So mainstream medicine is very good for dealing with extreme and emergency situations. They can repair you quite quickly.

But when it comes to chronic degenerative conditions, mainstream medicine doesn’t have much to offer to the patient’s, because the way it’s designed, the way it’s structured and the way it’s run, it is not interested anymore in finding out what actually causes the disorder.

And secondly, because they don’t know what causes most of these conditions. How do you treat it?

They only can deal with the symptoms, the details of the problem. To try to remove that symptom, remove this symptom.

But symptoms have a purpose.How else is your body going to tell you that there is a problem inside? It’s going tell you through symptoms, through pain, through inflammation, through some other symptoms, through swelling in that place and limitation of the movement in that place.

So when you get symptoms it’s your own body calling for help to you.

But what our mainstream medicine is designed to do is to deal with the symptoms to remove the symptoms. So they’re basically telling the body be quiet.  Stop calling for help and suffer in silence.  When that happens long enough, because the problem hasn’t been dealt with inside the body, it causes much more damage than they would’ve done if it was dealt with earlier and the person comes up with a much more severe condition later on when the symptomatic measures don’t work anymore.

So at the end of the day a human body is a marvellous, marvellous machine.  It has been designed by nature in a perfect way.  It can heal itself, it knows what it’s doing.  It is restructuring itself all the time and it’s self-regenerating all the time. Old cells get shed off all the time and replaced by newly born cells.

So all the body really needs is good food and removing the damaging substances.

It is within your body, the power to heal is within your body.

That’s what I teach people to do take the power back to yourself.  Heal yourself with your own body and your own means natural means and heal your children and heal your family the same way.  That works.

INTERVIEWER:  That is one thing that really stood out for me yesterday was, so many people have started to think of their body as you know broken deficient or the children’s body that way and your message is really one of empowerment.


Take the power back to you. So don’t give it away to anyone. No matter how well position that person might be, no matter how much an expert or something rather they position themselves to be.  Your own body is infinitely clever.

Next week I will post Part 3: Dr. Natasha talks about the healing wisdom of our bodies.

 It is my desire to follow the GAPS diet for nutritional healing of the gut and therefore the brain and the rest of the body.  I will also use the macros of the Ketogenic diet to control body fat. Thank you for reading my Posts. It will be an interesting journey.

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