Body By Science: Four Machines for Women.

Here are a few of the McGuff work out videos for women. His wife, Wendy, is demonstrating the 4 machines for women.

BODY BY SCIENCE (VIDEO 11): Wendy McGuff’s Big 4 Workout (Part 1)

In this installment of the “Body By Science” video series, Wendy McGuff demonstrates her “Big 4” workout that she performs once every 14 days. This is the first of two parts.


In Part Two of this two-part series, Wendy McGuff completes the demonstration of her “Big 4” workout that she performs once every 14 days following the principles espoused in the book “Body By Science.” For more information please visit:


Improvement is measured by weight multiplied bythe time it takes to do the set.Each movement should be at least 10 seconds in and 10 seconds out until muscle failure. Ideally it should take no more than 120 seconds. In his recent interview on Youtube, I learned that the first ONE inch of the movement in or out should take 3 seconds.


To learn more, I suggest these websites, the first one will ease you into the topic.

Here are two interviews with Dr. Doug McGuff. He is an ER doctor and an exercise expert bodybuilder withhis own gyms.

Here is a brief overview:

Here is the full interview with Dr. Mercola interviewing Dr. McGuff.

Here is the transcript. It helps to follow along if you print out the transcript.

I read Dr. McGuff’s book, Body of Science, it tells you how it works in your body down to the cell level. Here is the link. It is possible read parts of it in this website.

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