BODY BY SCIENCE: A research-based program for strength training bodybuilding and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week.

Doug McGuff, MD is co-author with John Little of the book “Body By Science”.
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Body By Science
In this video, Dr. McGuff speaks about common errors we all make with regards to exercise.
This is condensed from the transcript.
Here are some of the common errors we may have made:
1. Quitting an exercise program because of the time commitment involved.
2. Quit an exercise program because you became worn out or injured.
3. You purchased exercise equipment and now it is used to hang clothes.
The premise of the book is: A research-based program for strength training bodybuilding and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week.
Everything put forth in the book is supported by scientific peer-reviewed literature and this wasn’t really possible until 2004.
The second part of the title says strength training, bodybuilding and complete fitness. Those three things are the same thing.
The only way that you can do any of those three things is by performing mechanical work with muscle.
The higher the quality of the mechanical work with muscle the more you can get at your cardiac system, your vascular system, respiratory system and your metabolic subsystems to produce beneficial adaptations.
The last part (of the title) is in 12 minutes a week.
What we try to do in the book is to demonstrate with the scientific literature is that it is actually a requirement for the production of best results.
The book, Body by Science, explains the how and why of high intensity training, balancing enough scientific background to convey key principles and concepts without overwhelming the lay reader, and practical in-the-gym how-to. It is well organized, well researched, and well written, and an enjoyable and informative read.
My promotion of this book does not result in my making any monies. If you wish to buy the book, here is the link
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