15 Minutes Of Resistance Weight Training Is All The Exercise I Need For The Week To Build Muscle.

15 minutes of resistance weight training is all the exercise I need for the week.  Dr. McGuff says that is all I need to build muscle.

Dr. Doug McGuff is an expert in high-intensity exercise and he’s an emergency room physician. He is also passionate about exercise that can really have such a dramatic ability to influence your health.

I became interested when I heard in an Interview with Dr. Mercola that Dr. McGuff said, “I originally became interested in exercises when I was about 14 years old. I was in a sport called bicycle motocross, which is a type of sprint race done off-road on bicycles. (With resistance training) I went from last-place to untouchable. I made it to the professional level by the time I was 17.”

He went on to say:

  • I always continue to do high-intensity strength training. I followed the works of Arthur Jones*, and Mike Mentzer my whole life.
  • The type of high-intensity interval training that I am advocating is similar to high-intensity interval training, but it’s being done with weight equipment.
  • I started to pay more attention to restricting the amount of training that was being done. … I spaced my workouts further and further apart and getting better results.
  • Dr. McGuff suggests not do a workout until you have fully recovered. That means the workouts will be anywhere from 7 to 14 days a part.

* Arthur Jones changed how many people exercise with the introduction of his Nautilus fitness machines. The invention of the exercise machines in the 1960s helped spark the health club business.

* Mike Mentzer was one of the classic bodybuilders of the early years.  He will always be remembered for having one of the greatest physiques of all time.

Next week I will post his workout for women.

The week after that, I will post his workout for men.

In both you will see roughly the set up and the equipment, what the joint angles and range of motions are, and what the performance of the exercise and the experience of the workout actually looks like.

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